Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wait, it's DECEMBER 16TH!?!

Is Christmas sneaking up on anybody else? I know it shouldn't be on me seeing as how I confessed to having my tree up like a week before Thanksgiving, but still...December 16th...DECEMBER 16TH!! I don't have my Christmas cards out, and I honestly haven't found any I like...and even more honestly I have kinda given up the hunt and decided everyone will just get super cute BABY Christmas cards next year so I have earned a year off...lame I know.

I have had one gift to buy for the past three weeks. I still have one gift to buy (actually now I have two because I thought of someone else...). I have no idea why I don't just go get it, but I feel as if I have a world of time on my hands! I was looking at the calender at work and realized this weekend I have family Christmas with my grandparents and I work, and then CHRISTMAS is on Thursday! I have a plan in my head for the holidays, I just can't believe it is already time to put this plan into action!

Hope you all are on top of your holidays a little better than we are. I am now off to work. We got snow and ice last night, which is all sorts of beautiful, but really makes me wish I was a teacher. Then maybe I could spend the day addressing Christmas cards and doing some holiday baking!


  1. I'm feeling exactly the same way, although I barely got my tree up last week and have done NO shopping yet. We have just been so busy I have had no time to even THINK! Eek!

    Only 9 days to go!

  2. Haha, you're way ahead of me, I don't even have my tree up yet! :)