Monday, December 1, 2008

I am Embarrassed to Tell You...

I somehow almost passed out again this morning in the shower. I had to grab onto the shower curtain and sit down in the tub. That's right. I know what you are all thinking...that I should have learned me lesson on Thursday and that I am a fool. *hangs head in shame* That is what I thought too, but for the record I did NOTHING out of my normal morning pregnant routine which is to wake up, get a drink, take my vitamins, take a shower, then make a bagel or English muffin for breakfast which I eat while getting ready. This has worked well for me the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, so I was just rolling with it. It never occurred to me to eat BEFORE my shower, but I guess that is what I will have to do starting tomorrow...I am not sure if this has something to do with my overactive thyroid, which I know can cause an overactive metabolism. I will be talking to the doctor about it at our appointment next Monday. Still, it's kinda weird, right??

Besides that, I have made an interesting pregnancy discovery. Did you all know that the beautiful "pregnant glow" ba baaaaa....oily skin. THAT'S RIGHT. Just oily skin. Which might give some women a beautiful glow, but more or less just gives me acne. Not really helping the "You look to young to have a baby" argument... It isn't that I really care ( I mean, I CARE, but in the whole scheme of things, it isn't a big deal at all) but it would have been nice to be warned that is the cause of the amazing glow!

Also, just a heads up for you other pregnant ladies out there...don't tell ANYONE if you are planning to, say, go roller skating while pregnant. *hangs head in shame once again as you all gasp in HORROR while sitting at your computer* People will FLIP OUT and tell you that you are FORBIDDEN from putting on skates and you will then have to attend your cousins birthday and sit there and just watch everyone else go around and around while you enjoy the music and the strobe lights from the side lines...Just to toss it out there, I NEVER would have roller skated if it occurred to me it might be dangerous, but it isn't like I am a stunt skater or anything! If I fall, I am sure I would hit my knees! Plus Nick was going and would be with me! But no...FORBIDDEN.


  1. LOL! I wondered if you would skate or not at the party. If it is any consolation, you will not be the only person not skating, and remember the laser tag is there too! PLUS they have beer at the restaurant... oh wait.

  2. Yeah, you know you're not really doing too much to help people think you're not too young to be birthing another human being... Hanging out at Champs is only going to fuel the fire, my friend. Douse it in gasoline actually. But hey, I say take off the wedding rings and just roll with it and when someone asks you about it, say, "Yeah, that's mah boyfriend over there. He's plannin' on givin' me his letter jacket at the end of the semester. Isn't that sooo romayntic?" =P

  3. i didn't know you're not suppose to go skating...

    intersting. i've always taken those warnings with a grain of salt. all it is is to not overextend yourself.

    take care & eat small meals OFTEN.

  4. With my first pregnancy my morning routine changed to eating breakfast first thing, right after waking up. I didn't pass out but I was puking a lot. Also, don't take your vitamin on an empty stomach- that could be causing you to feel bad too. Hope it helps!

  5. I love reading your blog, you are so real and so funny! I am glad that I am not the only one running into pregnacy "issues" Have a great week.

  6. LOL! Eat woman. :) Gotta love those hormones...

  7. I was the same way when I was PG I would jump in the shower and then eat. As I got fourth along this did not work. Right when I woke up I would eat. I guess that baby just wants more who knows.

    I would have skated you had everyone there.

    When I was PG I decided to climb over the dogs little gate with two food bowls. I made it over but kind of got stuck and bam I went down but my hands pressed out on to the floor as not to fall on my belly. I did cry because I got scared. My Mom was visiting and came running.


  8. What in the world? No skating? All those rules :) Sounds like you'd better put some crackers by your bed!

  9. I was 38 weeks pregnant with my youngest when my nephew had a skating party. It was miserable... I got to chase my then 2 and 4 year old around while I was HUGE and I didn't get to skate. But I made it. You'll get to skate again some day. :)