Monday, December 29, 2008


My work is really great with the holidays. They give us Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas off every year. They also give us New Years Day, so we get what would be considered a good number of paid days off for the holidays. Of course, life is relative. Since Nick works for the University he gets off from Christmas Eve to the 5th of January. THE FIFTH OF JANUARY! When I got up this morning and he was sleeping away I was filled with jealousy. FILLED. Why do I have to WORK?? I want to spend the day laying around watching TV and eating Christmas candy!

He just picked me up from work. We were suppose to go to the grocery store. I ask if he had the list and he says, "Well, I had it...but I already went to the grocery and put everything we don't really need the list now". My heart almost exploded with love. That's all it takes for me. One trip to the grocery while I am at work. I then got home and he had dinner going. Delicious mushroom and spinach pizza. The house was clean. He built a new work bench for the garage. The litter box was cleaned out....he was productive with this first day he had off that I worked! He has a list for each day....a detailed list. And I would have just eaten candy and laid on the couch watching TV...


  1. What a sweet husband. Mine just left Alyce and I with my parents. He will be alone in our house for two weeks. I wonder what he will do?

  2. What a catch....that is awesome! You deserve to come home and put your feet up and he realizes that.

  3. Awwww... that is awesome! What a sweetie!

    And, I'm with you, I'd watch TV & eat all day! Ya know, gestating! LOL I am gonna use that reason as much as possible!!

  4. So sweet - Tim was out of work May - end October and only started full-time work in December... he tried to do things but even when I was sick I had to go food shopping with him because he couldn't cope - he tried he just couldn't cope... funny boy!

    I'm with you though - when I have a day off I do nothing!!

    I had to work Christmas Eve and was back on Monday (should have worked the weekend but changed with my supervisor) but Tim only got 25th and 26th off and doesn't even have new years day off - in fact he's working til 9pm 31st and starts again at 7am on 1st - booo :o( I miss being a student and then working at the uni!! Uni holidays last forever!

  5. My husband has off too, but he didn't do anything fantastic like yours. Lucky you!