Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Budget Updates

Don't you hate when a blogger goes on and on about something, then just never mentions it again? No updates? No discussion. Like they ask for your advice, then never even say thanks. It's like it never happened. Yeah, I hate that too. two months ago I mentioned our budget. (see how I am bringing it back up now! I didn't forget to update you all! I just...forgot...) Well let me tell you, it is really going great! Which, come to think of it, is most likely the reason I haven't mentioned it again. It has developed into a non-issue. Still, after your comments you deserve an update on how we are doing with the new budget of -$400 a month.

Truth, I cannot even tell a difference. I have heard that this is what you do when you have a baby. You just find the money you never thought was there. I would have SWORN this was not possible for us. Wrong. The grocery store is easy as pie. We have not broken $150 once. We always have what we need, and I only have to go back to the store for an extra gallon of milk (we buy three at the store, but I have issues with milk sitting around, so I cannot bring myself to buy the fourth...we like milk...and cookies) and maybe some OJ. It's like magic! We make a list, we buy what we want, and it is ALWAYS right around $150!

On top of that, the cash spending money is working amazingly well. We are actually saving much more than we were before (go figure). We have a decent amount of money going into the house renovation account, the Christmas and gift account, and the emergency account (that's a lot of separate accounts...but it works for us). We seem to be eating out enough to keep us both happy, but we are making a lot more food at home too. We are both just very aware. And it is making all the difference!

Not that this exactly falls under the budget, but we got the truck estimate done. IT WAS TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF DAMAGE. Who just drives away after causing 2K worth of damage?? Anyway, we are lucky that our insurance is covering it (of course minus our deductible), so it shouldn't hurt us too bad. Just annoying...

**Rachel, remember when you left me that comment that you had some great websites for savings at the grocery. I have been meaning to email you for two months...I would love those links!!**


  1. I guess everyone is re-examining their budget with the economy tanking. I have become much more aware at the grocery and have even started clipping coupons. It has certainly helped that the price of gas has gone down so much - I am filling my tank for 1/2 of what it was a month ago!!

  2. Great job at budgeting that is so hard to do at times.

  3. Okay, so tell me how you did the budget?? Is it on a website or something? I have a feeling that's going to be one of my New Year's Resolutions (ugh). Congrats on staying in yours!