Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eating for Two...Right??

So in the past few days I have honestly eaten six Christmas Dinners. At each of the three families we did a big Christmas lunch...but then we stayed pretty late. A few hours later I got up and made a FULL second plate of food. Not to bad you say? Well, maybe I should mention that at Nick's mom's only Nick and I made the second plate (everyone else was still full) and at Nick's dad' was ONLY ME. Yes. I ate a second Christmas dinner all alone. And I loved it.
Besides the full on Christmas feasts, I have managed to put away chocolate chip pancakes (yum), a spinach and feta omelet with hash browns and fruit (healthy, right??) and then a full on country breakfast with biscuits and gravy, eggs, hash browns, bacon...the works. Right. Delicious. I also found time to go out to dinner twice and consume not only a delicious meal, but also an appetizer and a desert each time. Last night the brownie Sunday from Toni Roma's was about the size of my head...but we shared it...that's okay, right??

Anybody want to take a guess at how much weight I will be putting on this month? I am betting it is way more than the tiny two pounds I gained at the last appointment!

Anyway, totally off the subject, but here are a few cute family pic's from Christmas with my parents. As it turns out, we did them Christmas Eve so it was before the eating frenzy began...I will look back at these later and be like, "yep...that's the day it all changed...."

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of seven adults and four dogs with a camera stacked on top of presents with a timer?? It's tough!Me and Nick with my adorable parents. Yes, I have on the same shirt as the other Christmas pictures I posted. It is not the same day. My sisters and I always buy matching Christmas outfits. Seriously. Still. We match every year. It's awesome.All the kids. This is the first time we have actually taken a picture with the hand on the belly...makes it look a lot bigger!A cute one of the C family!Ellie loves opening presents!But after three days and lots and lots of turkey, she was exhausted! (notice how she is surrounded by her stuffed animals. She did that on her own...)

We somehow didn't manage to take pictures at our other family Christmas's but they were all wonderful! Hope you all had a wonderful year with lots of good food and wonderful time with family!


  1. My dog loves opening her Christmas presents too. I think it's so cute.

  2. I loved the pictures. I love all of the dachshunds in the picture.

    I so loved eating some yummy foods when I was PG. I bet the baby had a yummy dinner also.

  3. This is the only time in your life you will be able to eat as much as you want of anything you want. Enjoy it!!

  4. Christmas calories don't count. It is just that simple!

    Christmas celebrations with family are just that wonderful... and calorie laden.

  5. In reference to the camera timer and craziness with your family...try 16 individuals, 3 youths who think their eyes are suppose to roll back and the tongues are to stick out when the camera comes in front of them, and a toddler that is so very easily distracted, and a husband who thinks hats are the greatest invention of all. Set the timer and run with that one! :O)

    Great photos! Great fun!