Friday, December 19, 2008

More Random Holiday Events

In the past week I have been to not one, but TWO separate Christmas caroling events. That's right. I am full on into the Christmas spirit. Tuesday night we went downtown to see the Kentucky Christmas Chorus preform. It is a tradition with Nick's family and we always love it! Last night I went to see my sweet little godson preform in his daycare's Christmas pageant. He did great! He might have panicked a little at the end, but whatever, he was a stellar part of the musical ensemble (ps. he is three). They also had the little girls from the daycare do this tap was. awesome. If baby C turns out to be a girl she will be in tap FOR SURE! I am sure she will also inherit my rhythm and will be the little girl with glasses who just decided to do her own thing up there...whatever. I thought the little girl with glasses and no rhythm was the STAR!

I did learn from some random pregnancy update that the baby is now sensitive to light, sound and pressure on my abdomen. I thought that was pretty awesome seeing as how it is Christmas (his/her mama and papa's FAVORITE time of year!) and some of the first things they will hear is Christmas music! That and a lot of their mama talking...just talking and talking and talking. Because it's what I do. Oh and the TV. I bet they are hearing a lot of that too...

Anyway, the Christmas spirit is rolling around here. It is pouring down rain and I really wish it was snow, but you can't win them all. I am off work (thank GOD) and am off to finish up Christmas shopping...which means I need to fill Nick stocking and pick him up a couple more small things. I have no idea what they are going to be, but I am sure I can come up with something! Later tonight we have my work Christmas party which includes dinner out at Outback (yum) and then bowling. I gotta tell you that there are six people who work in my lab, and two of them bowl ALL THE TIME. Like they are on leagues and what not. I am totally screwed...


  1. Christmas is me & hubby's favourite time of year also! How cool is that... your baby will hear Christmas music!

  2. We got 12 inches of snow. I will send some your way.

  3. It is dangerous to bowl with those league people. I did that once and they kept trying to correct my stance, etc. i was just trying to have fun!

  4. Enjoy your holidays. Sounds like you are already! :)