Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Freakin' Holidays...

So you know what it totally the OPPOSITE of the holiday spirit??
Oh that would be hitting my perfectly little truck while it is innocently parked in front of my house on Thanksgiving night...and then not leaving a note. Right. A hit and run to start the holiday off right. Awesome.

**bumper dented and cracked, light scratched, right panel dented and scratched, wheel well shattered...this doesn't look cheap. Good thing we have insurance, but sure would be nice to have the guy who actually did it pay!**


  1. That really bites about your poor truck. Do not worry whom ever did it will feel bad about and it and later on something might happen to them. I do not wish that upon them but sometimes that's what happens.

  2. This just sucks! Not the best way to start the holidays. I must agree about the one Thanksgiving a day situation...lovin' it!!