Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maybe I should learn to do this someday...

So I was out on the road for work this morning. I was driving around contemplating the important aspects of Baby C's future (deciding if gravy and biscuits from McDonald's will give me heart burn) and paying close attention to the road (talking on my cell to Charing) as I was getting onto the interstate. The little pickup truck I was driving began to shake. I thought to myself, "DAMN TRUCK! Why didn't they leave me the van to drive??" As I keep driving the truck shakes more and more. I am screaming at Charing, thinking this is going to be a REALLY annoying hour drive, when I take a look out my rear view mirror and see...large chunks of black stuff flying out from under the truck. I think to myself, "that can't be good...." and get off the phone to pull over. What do I see when I get out??

That is one hell of a flat tire...see the way it is totally shredded?? Like some idiot DROVE on it when it was TOTALLY flat because she has NO IDEA what a flat tire feels like...yeah. (all pictures taken with my cell phone, but they came out pretty good!) So what did I do? I called work. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to change this thing on my own.

So, Justin came to my rescue. He drove to meet me and got to work...

I stood back and pretended to be checking the time when I was really taking more pictures on my cell. I mean, I KNEW I was annoying when I am the poor girl from the lab who can't change a tire, but I would be down right OBNOXIOUS if I said, "Lay there in the dirt and let me take your picture for my blog!!" Instead I said things like, "Wow...that looks hard", or "how did you know how to do that??" OR..."you look really sweaty...good thing it isn't the middle of summer, hua??" I am sure those things weren't annoying at all...

For the record, even if I could change a tire, there is NO WAY I would lay on the dirty side of the road! I have on my favorite red t-shirt that I have had for like ten years and is perfectly worn in (okay...I bought it at j. crew last Christmas, but it is PERFECT, and there is NO WAY I would risk it for a tire...)

After a little while the KY safety patrol stopped to help out...this picture was also taken on the sly. I find it odd that it is this guys job to drive up and down the interstate and help stranded drivers...but the two of them got the tire changed and I was back on the road in no time! See the way the rubber kinda curled but on the sides and there are big pieces of metal in it?? I think it is kinda pretty...when I got back to the lab the GM asked if we would be able to patch it....Ahhhh


  1. I cannot believe this happened to you-hilarious!
    Cory told me once that a tire should never shred like this because only a total dork would drive it to this point and not notice;)
    You are cracking me up, I can't wait to send this to him!!

  2. I'm glad you're okay! It seems like that could have definitely been dangerous had you not noticed the black pieces of flying tire! Which is kinda funny!

    Especially the fact that you're taking pictures on the sligh for the blog! We're such nerds when it comes to our blogs! :)

  3. Oh my -- glad you are safe. That could have been bad, my friend. Also glad that you are always thinking of us, your loyal blog readers :)

  4. Oh lol - this is just the kind of thing I would do if I could drive!! I love that you took pictures for us - you can tell you've truly got the blogging bug when your first thought is "this would make a great post" whenever anything happens! Glad you're ok - and I say don't bother learning how to do it - make those men do the manly thing and change those tires for you every time ;o)

  5. Baby, you never need to know how to do that. Remember it's a boy's job.