Monday, November 24, 2008


Our weather here is just nasty right now. We were getting some snow, which I like, but now it has moved into a cold nasty rain. It makes me feel down just to look outside. On top of that my work life is INSANE right now. We lost a person in the lab, and now are scrambling to work out a new schedule for only two people. Add in the fact that it is the holidays, and we are insanely busy, and you get a very frazzled bio girl. (A very frazzled bio girl who is SO HAPPY to have a job. Really shouldn't complain) Tonight we have a dinner party for Nick's work, and I honestly just want to lay on the couch and skip the entire thing. I am sure the weather is pushing me in that direction. I am so influenced by bad weather. Just puts me in a bad mood.

My Thanksgiving starts on Wednesday, so I am sure that will cheer me up! Until then I just need to keep in mind on the family time, the time off work, and the turkey and the pumpkin pie! Hope you all are having a better start to the week than me. Is it really only Monday??


  1. Please send some of your nasty weather this way... I actually don't mind it!

  2. I woke up yesterday to two inches of snow. Today the snow is still there but it started to melt into mush. Now I have to deal with slipping and sliding around. Then all of that yucky mud comes into the house. I really do not like this time of year.

    Plus it is way too cold for me. Is Summer coming?