Thursday, November 6, 2008

10 Weeks (Bith Belly Pic's!)

Ten weeks pregnant. That's double digits. Not sure if your parents made as big of a deal as mine did about turning TEN, but the entire switch to double digits was a big deal in our house. Maybe that is part of the reason ten weeks sounds so exciting to me! That and the fact that it means we are 25% of the way done with the pregnancy with no complications. Also there is the fact that once you hit ten weeks the percent of miscarriage drops all the way down to 3%. THREE PERCENT!

The very factual and scientific place where I get my pregnancy information has told me (and been backed up by my trusty pregnancy journal) that week nine is commonly the peak in peoples morning sickness and that it could be starting to fade around now. This is the point where I wisper that I still have not had a drop of morning sickness and have honestly felt amazing the entire ten weeks (besides the eating associated nausea that was completley solved with constant grazing and unbuttoning of my pants). I know I am a lucky lucky gal and am really hoping the luck holds out and I am one of those freaks who skip the sickness all together!

So what else...the baby is the size of a medium shrimp these days...which I find an odd comparison but it is what the trusty journal gave me. He/she apparently also looks a lot like a (really tiny) baby at this point. Amazing! I am incredibally emotional and have found myself tearing up over songs on the radio (damn country music), tv shows (oh Brothers and Sisters..>I love you, but you are EVIL with the emotions!) and hell, even tv commercials, of course the election, holiday plans, has been a roller costar, but Nick has been good with me and I really think I am taking it in stride.

Now, here are some new belly shots! I realize that I am only ten weeks and that this is mostly bloating, and maybe you all can't see it, but I can tell there is a change. I am sure the change will be obvious to everyone soon enough! (here is the link to the last pics I posted so you can compare!) (also, for the record, still no weight gain)
Not so noticeable in my t-shirt
but in this one I think I can see that things they are a changing!



  2. Awww, so cute! Congrats on 10 weeks!

  3. There is an absolute change!!! Loooking good and glad to hear you are feeling good--that is the way it should be

  4. Oh WOW!!! I see the difference! Super cool!!!

  5. Soooo excited for you! And way to go with reaching this point and no morning sickness :o)

  6. Definitely a difference!! It's such a cute little baby bump :)

  7. I don't like to brag about it, but I haven't had any morning sickness either. Just when I get too hungry and occassionally if I eat too fast. Yay for us!


  8. What a wonderful milestone. You are such an encouragement!!!