Thursday, November 13, 2008

11 Weeks

Does it seem like time is just kinda flying to anybody else? I am already 11 weeks pregnant, and we are rolling into the holidays. That time ALWAYS flies. Anyway, 11 weeks. I feel great except for this pesky sinus infection. You all totally freaked me out with the Afrin addiction discussions so you will be pleased to hear I am off of it and using only Sudafed until I feel better. I actually woke up this morning feeling more like myself, so I think we might be nearing the end of this issue.

So the baby, which is always much more interesting that my sinus issues, is now the size of a large lime! I KNOW. That's big, right? Not even just a little lime, but a LARGE lime. My uterus now fills my pelvis, which also seems alarming. The baby has fingers and toes and is now moving all around on his/her own (not that I can feel anything because even a large lime is pretty small). He/she is also now officially a fetus and no longer just an embryo because all organs are formed and all that is left is a whole lot of growing.

As for me, I am great. No morning sickness. No pregnancy related sickness at all. I still have no weight gain, and the little baby bump is about the same size as last week. I am loving a good salad these days...especially one covered in cheese and little crispy sticks and fried chicken...fried chicken helps. Pour on some honey mustard and hot beacon dressing and I am in heaven (and proud because you know, salads are healthy). So that's it! 11 weeks and doing great!


  1. With all the talk of limes, I am picturing the baby to be the color of the hulk;) JK
    Glad you are staying off Afrin, I am shocked Mrs. Who didn't comment about it, did she email you instead??

    We need belly pics Bio-Girl! Also-come to my house I have CLOTHES FOR YOU.

  2. Whoo hoo little lime Baby C!!!

    Your salad description made my mouth water. Are you describing a Rafferty's salad???


  3. Oooh green salads are SOOO good for the baby at this stage! Rock on mama! And, who cares if it has a little extra stuff on it! :) It's still green.

  4. Honey, I do NEED pictures.
    I like to see how our little Bean is growing.