Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last night around two thirty in the morning Elie started acting...crazy. We have what I would define as a lazy dog, so her running around in the middle of the night is extremely out of the norm. Nick got up to see what she was after and told me we might have a mouse. The last time we had a mouse I DID NOT handle it well. I actually ended up standing in the office chair screaming my head off, then attempting to LEAP from the office chair to the safety of the hallway, only to find midway into my jump that there was a flaw in my master plan due to the office chair being a SWIVEL chair. It spun out from under me and I came crashing down to the floor....the floor where THE MOUSE WAS. I FLIPPED OUT and Nick had to pull me from the room screaming. This is an embarrassingly true story that a Biologist should really never tell. Still, it points out that I am NOT a fan of any form of wildlife in my home.

It is possible that the sleepiness associated with pregnancy has changed me a touch because when he said this I simply got up, looked at Ellie, decided there was no danger, and went to back to bed. This morning I got up and filled her food bowl and left for work. I got a call from Nick a little later...He was picking up the living room and he thought there was one of Ellie's toys next to her food bowl...until he got close and realized IT WAS A GIANT CHIPMUNK! YES. A GIANT DEAD CHIPMUNK was right next to her food bowl just laying there!!!!

We debated for a bit how I missed seeing it this morning (nick assured me that due to its size, it really did look like a stuffed animal) and how in the hell it got into the house (still no clue). Nick then went to dispose of the poor thing. (thank GOD I work today) He used some Tupperware (which I told him to throw away IMMEDIATELY!) to scoop it up and throw it away. He was walking around back when HE SAW IT TAKE A BREATH!! YES. It was ALIVE!!! He put it in the back year to see if it was about to die or just in shock. He then called me back and said it's little legs are starting to move....I think the little guy might make it! Good for him, as long as he NEVER comes back in my house again!! EEEK.

**Nick is now convinced he has healing powers due to this case and another involving a bird in the back yard that had fallen from a tree he cut down and looked all sorts of mangled and dead. He was overcome with guilt and about to bury it when all of a sudden, it jumped up like nothing had happened, shook out its feathers and flew away. He is calling himself the Animal Healer now...


  1. Awww... poor little chipmunk! I'm glad it's doing better, but sorry you found it in your home!

  2. Awww... poor little chipmunk! I'm glad it's doing better, but sorry you found it in your home!

  3. we had a mouse in our house, we found its teeth marks in our corn cob holders, i immediately started looking for a new house. i am not even joking, we moved two months later. of course i used the excuse, "We are going to have a baby and we can't do that in this tiny house." the real reason though was we found a mouse. the day that we moved out i found a dead one in the basement.

    glad it was your husband and not you that found the chipmunk. good for your dog, she deserves a big treat.

  4. ek - I've had cats bring me mice still alive but playing dead and dead birds - it always amazes me when they look so shocked that I'm telling them off for bringing them into the house rather than praising them.

    Good for Nick - the amazing healer man ;o)

  5. Sounds like Nick has some crazy super powers! Glad you didn't step on it. Ugh.

  6. I would have been so grossed out! I found my goldfish on the floor below his bowl once and thought he was dead BUT I put him in the water and he came back to life! It was so weird. Glad you had Nick to take care of it :)

  7. I have never actually seen a chipmunk in my life. Not that I'm too keen on seeing a dead one -- it's just -- do they look like Alvin, Simon, and Theodore?