Thursday, November 20, 2008

12 Weeks including Belly Pics!

Twelve weeks....I was all hype about twelve weeks because I really thought it was the start of the second trimester, but alas apparently that doesn't start until the END of the 12th week. Oh well. One last week in trimester one is a-okay with me! Me and first trimester have been good friends. I will even venture to say that so far, pregnancy has really agreed with me. I am still feeling great. No sickness at all. I am not as tired as I was, but when I go to bed I pass out. I am eating whatever I want, but have no real cravings to speak of, except maybe those salads I am hooked on...I have gained no weight. Actually I have no idea where to put my start weight at. I have lost five pounds since my biggest IVF weight, but I put on a good 5-7 pounds during the two months of hormone injections. So....I am either down five pounds or I am back to basically plus/minus zero. Where did you other IVF girls start counting your pregnancy weight?
So anyway, the sweet little baby is about the size of a not much change there I guess. He/she is totally formed with fingernails and teeth and everything. Kinda cool...and that's about it. Just growing in there, turning into a little baby.

As for the Thyroid issue, I talked to the nurse again last night. She told me what someone should have told me on day one of this issue. I have a hypERthyroid. They typically only have to medicate a HypOthyroid. Ohhhhhhh...well....that's good to know! She said she had my T3 results in and they are perfectly normal. They are still waiting on the T4 results, but if they are normal too, then we don't have to do anything. I am already feeling relief, but am still excited to get the T4 results so we are completely in the know about all aspects of the pesky thyroid. the belly shots! I didn't post them last week because I have only been taking pic's on the even weeks. Hope you all don't mind a bi-weekly picture plan!

Maybe not noticeable to a stranger, but there is something going on there...And the actual belly. Totally making changes!


  1. Totally noticeable and adorable! So happy everything is going great :)

  2. Oh so cute!! I hope the T4 comes back normal too! :)

  3. Sarah - your little baby bump is so cute! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I hope all of your tests come back okay.

  5. Honey, You are beautiful!!