Friday, November 28, 2008

Lesson Learned

So I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. A lesson I believe is worth sharing with you all, especially if you are pregnant. This pregnancy life lesson began with the fact that I slept in until 10:30 or so. I usually wake up around eight, so this was a pleasant surprise. I got up and somehow checked my email and posted on my blog without getting anything to eat or drink. I then heard that Nick was awake in the bedroom and was watching the Macy's parade. I went back to bed to watch with him. We got up at maybe 11:30 or 12...whenever it was over. I then made my way to the kitchen to make something to eat....but the kitchen was kinda a mess. I started cleaning...and then it happened. I NEARLY PASSED OUT. It hit me all at once. "Oh, I am really hungry...and dizzy...and...oh my..." then I got the tunnel vision and everything went dark. I grabbed on to the counter for a minute for balance, then I made it to the fridge to grab the apple juice bottle and kinda crawled to the couch. I drank the rest of the juice, and started to feel better. but still...STILL. I am a girl that likes to eat, but I can handle skipping a meal. Especially breakfast! Pre-pregnancy I actually never ate breakfast! Apparently not anymore. My body didn't like the no food until noon plan one little bit. And so it just completely gave out on me all together! Pregnancy is making me a big old baby!

So, besides the entire nearly hitting the floor due to hunger, our Thanksgiving was perfect. We made it to Nick's dads house around three, and were there spending time with the family (playing Rock Band, which was very enjoyable) until late in the night. We did lots of talking about Twilight (my SIL is currently reading the series) and looking at Christmas ads. It was relaxing and wonderful family time. We have one more family dinner on Sunday, and I can't wait! Now I am off to do dinner and a movie with my childhood best friend who is in town for the holiday. So excited!


  1. Make sure you do eat. That baby was letting you know it wanted something to eat. I was the same way I just go and go and I forget to eat sometimes. I have done the same thing as you.

    Sounds like you and your family had a great time.

  2. Now come on -- you worked too hard for this baby to skip breakfast! Take care of yourself :) How was the movie?

  3. Now come on -- you worked too hard for this baby to skip breakfast! Take care of yourself :) How was the movie?

  4. Glad you're okay, girl!

    Looking forward to starting Twilight series... then I can talk Twilight, too! :)

  5. Time to flick the 'small amount of constant food' switch! Sorry that happened!!!