Sunday, November 23, 2008

While Waiting In Line for Twilight...

So I am going to tell you how I felt about the Twilight movie (of course I can I resist talking about Twilight one more time?), but first, let me tell you what happened while I was waiting to get into the theater. So we are in line. We got there early so we were in the line for maybe thirty minutes. Obviously we chatted a little with the people around us. You all would do that, right? Well, we did. They were friendly enough. The woman, who was in her mid to late 30's, was telling us how she went up to Chicago to meet the guy that plays Edward. We were just chatting, and she notices my shirt. I wore this Twilight maternity shirt...yes, I am a huge dork (and the shirt was annoying and not really maternity, but it worked for the movie. Now they have much cuter sad)...which I didn't really expect many people to notice. We had been talking for a bit when she read my shirt and said, "Are you pregnant?" I tell her I am and she says "Well, you must not be very far along!" I tell her I am 12 weeks but I thought the shirt was cute. THEN she says, "How OLD are you??" with her voice full of this odd judgment that I was possibly pregnant. IT. WAS. WEIRD. I tell her I am 29, and then she goes tells me how young I look and she CANNOT BELIEVE I am 29. (Reminds me of when this same sorta thing happened in South Carolina...) The entire situation made me feel kinda awkward. Plus, then we stayed in line with her for another ten minutes before we were let into the theater. In the theater she sat next to my sister in laws boyfriend and when she talked to him, she would touch his leg. She was kinda an odd duck...but still...

Now I have a couple questions sparked by this odd lady. First, how young do you have to look for it to be SHOCKING that you are pregnant?? Like she didn't seem a little surprised, or just curious. She seemed SHOCKED. Second, do I really look THAT young? I really don't think I look younger than my actual age (and yes, I was inline to see Twilight, but so was she! And there were LOTS of people that were clearly adults!) I think it is odd that this is the second time strangers have been shocked to learn I am pregnant or married in the last year. Third, who thinks it is okay to touch a strangers leg in a movie theater?? Finally, I think it is incredibly rude to ask someone their age in a shocked tone because you see they are pregnant (or married). What if I was super young? Now you have made me feel terrible about it!

Okay, so anyway, here is my spoiler free opinion on the Twilight movie. I actually really really liked it. It isn't as good as the book (of course) but they stay really true to the story and the characters. If you haven't read the book, I think you should read it first. I really don't know how good the movie would be without all the back story because it seemed to move a little fast. There are a couple of scenes I thought were a little overdone, but all in all I thought the acting was really great. Bella and Edward were both PERFECT which I was surprised by a little. I really didn't think I would like Bella, but Kristen Stweart was amazing. Some of my favorite scenes in the book are cut down, not out, but down, and that made me sad. I know they can't fit everything, but I wished there was more! I wish there were more of the rest of the Cullens too, but I guess you don't really get to know everyone until the later books. Honestly, it was a great start to the series and I can't wait for New Moon to come out. I am sure after the success of this one they will have a much larger budget to work with on it, which they will need for some serious special effects! (this one only had a budget of $35 million, and in the opening weekend brought in over $70...not a bad return!)


  1. I get the age thing all the time, too. It's very annoying and no one ever believes me when I tell them I'm almost 30!

    Yes, it was slightly rude of her to make such a big deal about it all. What if you were super young and had accidentally gotten pregnant? What would she have said then? "Tsk, tsk, shame on you?" And touching a strangers leg? That's just weird and creepy.

    Re: Twilight. I liked the book and I liked the movie. Honestly, I'm not all blown away like everyone else in the world seems to be. I will be reading the rest of the series, but Twilight has not become an obsession of mine. Now bring out a new X-Files movie or release the next Dean Koontz book and I'm all over those things! Because of those loves, I figured I'd adore Twilight, but it's just so-so to me. (I did really like Jasper though - you could tell he was struggling so much, which was sad but sort of funny at the same time.)

  2. Cory and I had similar reactions when we got married, which in my opinion was not super-young-we were 23 and 21 I think. I believe that is so rude for people to act like that.

    I had a similar situation happen to me when I was heading to a OB appointment one time. Granted, I did have my hair in wet braids, and my wedding rings wouldn't fit my swollen fingers, and I was... alone. But whatever! Whose business is it of theirs?

  3. lots of people see movies and even love movies that were books first even if they never read the book. next time I might enjoy going to the movie with you as well. You do know that I never read Harry Potter....
    P.S. that girl was a jerk

  4. Enjoy looking young! (My MIL doesn't think anyone over 25 should have kids as we are all to old... people are weird I guess!)

    I really want to see that movie, sounds good!