Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I should really avoid posting when I am annoyed or down. That last post came across as so winy! The weather is much better around here and so is life. The party was actually fun (it is the first time I have seen his work people since finding out we are pregnant. Not even all of them knew!) Work is really going okay. Stressful but okay. I thought today would be worse, but honestly it is rolling along fine. It is my last day of work for the week (awesome) and I am getting that excited feeling of having several extra days off! I always thought people who said that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday were CRAZY, but now, (although I think they are lying because seriously, who doesn't like Christmas best??) I can sorta see where they are coming from. Tomorrow starts a five day span of time with all of our families and great food. What more could I ask for?? (except for presents...which is what makes Christmas better!)

**I did just seriously burn some pasta (who burns pasta??) while I was catching up on google reader on my lunch, but you can't win them all! Nothing is getting me into a funk today!**


  1. I love that you burned pasta -- we would truly be friends IRL. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I think I can burn water!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!