Monday, November 10, 2008

Under the Weather

I'm sick. That bad kinda sick where you want to just sleep but you can't because your entire body hurts from top to bottom. My throat is aching, my ears are ringing, my nose is totally raw but still wont stop is...miserable. And basically your classic sinus infection. We had our appointment today which went amazingly well. Our doc had a hard time finding the heart beat and was about to roll in the ultrasound machine when he started feeling around and said, "Oh! You are really growing! I am looking way to low!" After that he found it really quickly and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard!

He wrote me a script for some antibiotics and said he would see us in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. Seems like forever... He then sent me to get some blood work where the girl also seemed a little under the weather and she sneezed right in the middle of drawing my blood...which was just about the most painful thing imaginable seeing how how her arm jerked with the giant needle in my veins. Good times...

Okay, so baby is perfect. The doc said it was a really strong heart beat and everything looked amazing! Mama-to-be will hopefully be better now that I have some medicine. I am going to see if I might be able to get some sleep...


  1. Love the baby news! Gosh, I hope you feel better soon! If you ever see my Facebook status you know I was sick for most of October and I still have a hacking cough. (so I sort of know how you feel..) Get as much rest as possible!!! :)

  2. I hurt my finger so I know how you feel too ;0)

    Get better soon, well done wee baby.

  3. Glad baby is doing well, but sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh no! Hope you feel better SOON!
    Yay on hearing Baby's heartbeat! I can still remember hearing my son's for the first time...almost 6 years later! Ü
    Before you know it, you will be going every three weeks...then two weeks... I'm excited for you just thinking about it!!

  5. I flinched reading about the tech sneezing -- yikes! Hope you feel better soon. Wonderful news re the Bio Baby!

  6. Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough - take good care of yourself! Glad to hear baby is doing so well though :o)

  7. I got the worst kinda of sick that I swear I have ever been when I was pregnant for Audrey. I swear, it's not right that pregnant women can get sick -- they shouldn't have to deal with that too! :) Sorry you feel crummy, hope you get better soon.

    Oh, and the needle thing just about had me passed out on the floor.