Monday, November 17, 2008

This is Weird, Right??

**This post has a lot of talk of Bra Sizes and odd dressing room attendants. It might not be as exciting as a google search would lead you to believe...just a warning***

So Saturday I was Christmas shopping at an outlet mall with my sisters. While shopping I wanted to get a new bra. I wear this wonderful Playtex bra. I wore Victoria Secret forever, and they just NEVER fit me right. Then one day I wandered in and tried on Playtex and they were a dream come true. The outlet mall has a Playtex outlet store, and since the pregnancy I have been having boob issues (you saw the reunion pictures, which was actually me bra-less, but shows things have been changing around here), so a new bra was high on the list of wants. I go in and right away just ask for a measurement. I have no idea what size I need, but clearly my 32B isn't cutting it.

Now, here is where, in my opinion, this situation gets odd. The lady takes me in the dressing room and I take off my sweater. I have on a little tank top under it so I leave that on. She measure me and says that I need...a 38 A. There is nothing wrong with a 38 A. I was an A for many years. I just...don't see how THESE are a 38 A when I am busting out of my 32 B. She runs out to bring me some 38A's and some 36 B's (which I asked for and she seemed iffy on getting me) and she comes back with both. Neither in the actual style of bra I requested. Then, THEN she says "You don't mind if I just stay in here with you while you try these on, right? I really need a break and sitting down feels wonderful." I stare at her. Thinking these seems like a really rude request. I mean, I am not trying on shirts here, I am trying on BRA'S. That means I am TOPLESS. And my body is changing and although I am a really REALLY open person who never really minds people seeing me, I am not totally comfortable in my own skin, much less trying on Bra's that seem to be to totally be the wrong size!

I stare at her, and she says, "Oh don't worry, I will just turn my head. I REALLY need the rest". And I say fine. I don't know why I didn't want to seem rude when SHE was so incredibly rude to ask such a thing, but I figured I really didn't care, and she is some sort of a professional I guess... I go for the 36B and (shocking) it is way to big around the middle and still really small in the cups. She takes a look and informs me that that wont work, and goes to get me a 34C. Yet again in the wrong style. She comes back and I try it on. It is much to big in the cups. She informs me that there is no bra for me, and that I should just keep what I have and come back in a month.

Once she leaves the dressing room my sisters come in (which is TOTALLY normal. I have no issues trying on bra's with THEM) and I am just so frustrated and confused. I am embarrassed to go out and try more things on because the lady told me that nothing would work, but I don't WANT to leave here without a bra. I go out and get the actual bra I want in a 34B and a 34 C and I see her watching and she seems annoyed. How is this her business?? The 34 B fit fine. I may need a different bra in a few months, but that is few months down the road. Once I was along I was able to make a decision in about five minutes. I just needed to be ALONE (with my sisters...they don't count). And to try on the actual bra size/style I needed. NOT a 38 A.

SO, that's it. Just an annoying story that I thought I would share, because seriously, Who asks if they can sit in your dressing room to hide from work while you try on bra's?? WHO??

**For the record, this wasn't like a scarring situation. I don't feel violated or anything, it just seems so ODD...and rude**

**Also, shopping was wonderful, but a heads up that Gap outlets no longer carry maternity. It was depressing..**


  1. That is TOTALLY weird and inappropriate. I can't believe she did that. She should be fired!

    My favorite new bra is the Barely There bra. They have a style that is a racer back and fastens in the front and it is so comfortable, I actually can FORGET I HAVE A BRA ON.


  2. Definitely bizarre. Definitely blog-worthy!

  3. That is completely W.E.I.R.D. I don't think I would have let her stay in there... just would creep me out!

    Glad you found one in your CORRECT size!

  4. That is creepy! I think that I would complain to management about her inappropriate comments and that no bra in the store would work.

  5. I read the blog "The Tale of Two Coins" which brought me to your blog. I read about your bra blog. That lady was so strange. I would have pushed her out the door. I do not think she knows how to do her job.

    Okay I had a baby a year ago and had the same problems with bra's. I am not sure if you have this store or not "Motherhood?" Well when my upper area changed I went in there. I went and got new bras that fit me. They have all kinds there and I went ahead and got the ones for nursing because I knew I was going to nurse. They also had these cotton sports bra looking ones. They do not have support in them but I wore them at night they are also for nursing but they were also great they held everything in.

    Sorry if this is a strange post from someone you do not know. But I felt the same way you did. If you would like come over and see my blog.

    Happy Bra hunting....

  6. Totally weird! You are way nicer than I am. I would have asked her to leave and if I needed any help I would yell for her.

  7. Yeah, I think that is weird... extremely.

    Especially for her to then tell you that there is nothing there that would fit you.