Thursday, March 5, 2009

27 Weeks

AKA...THE THIRD TRIMESTER! Yes. It's true. We are now officially in the third trimester. That is like the third out of three...the LAST TRIMESTER. I am just as shocked as you guys are. Lets hope that this pregnancy continues to be this nice to me! Even if it gets rough, and the end of THIS trimester I get a BABY! YAY!!

Okay, speaking of baby, the little guy (or girl) is now a little over two pounds and is 15 inches long. Seriously. According to my resources that is the size of a teddy bear. Awww....The sweet baby can now open and close it's little eyes and is sucking its thumb to sooth itself. It also says the baby can now cry. That's right. The baby can CRY. that breaks my heart a little, but still it is amazing!

As for me, I am doing good. I still feel normal and not overly tired or sore. This week has honestly been so full of great baby stuff, I have loved every second! We registered, we finished the nursery, and I had my doctors appointment. The doctor gave me the big smile and thumbs up once again. Apparently the "correct" amount of weight gain for right now is 16-22 pounds, the official doctors record shows I have gained 16. The doctor seemed extremely pleased. I got to hear that sweet heart beat at the appointment, and then he pulled out the tape measure to see how I was doing! I was wondering when the tape measure came out! The glucose test wasn't that bad. It make my stomach a little off, and sorta gave me a head ache, but nothing unbearable. Now we are just waiting for some results!

Now to the belly pictures!

Shirt down

Shirt up!


  1. Looking good. It looks like your tummy has dropped a little. This is not bad but this tends to happen when the baby moves down.

  2. Hah! You keep saying you're huge... I have already gained 20 lbs, and I'm only 19 weeks! You're right on target.