Saturday, March 14, 2009

Girls Night

I used to be really good at setting aside time for my girlfriends, but lately I have sorta failed miserably at it. Last night, seeing as how Nick was out of town and I had no good reason to not be social except pure laziness, I decided to have some of my girls over for dinner/coffee/desert and to see the nursery. It was such a great time! We were sad to be missing some of our girls, but everyone that was able to make it had so much fun! Makes me want to actually become social again. Come to think of it, I think this happens to me every spring. I come out of hibernation and start to miss everyone once it's actually light outside when I get off work. Anyway, here are a couple pic's from the night...

Here is the group that was able to make it, minus Morgan who took the picture for us. I didn't really think about the fact that I might want to take pictures when I wore the baby arrow shirt...I guess when I look back I will always be POSITIVE I was pregnant at this little gatheringCarter was pretty tired when he first got there, but eventually he woke up and decided he loved the idea of all of our attention on his dance moves. Oh how I love him...Here are my two sisters and my cousin. I was pretty jealous of this picture, so decided to jump in...Notice how I don't even look that pregnant in this picture...but then...I took a picture with Morgan. Which is all sorts of adorable...but the belly...right. Clearly this baby is going to be gigantic. 12 more weeks people!Here is me and Liz, who was sweet enough to bring a caramel coffee cake. It. was. heaven. And finally me and an awake Carter. Notice how interested Ellie is with him..she has learned that where Carter is, there is usually also food that falls to the ground. She is just checking his face for crumbs.

And that's it for pictures. It turned out to be such a great and easy night. Something I will definitely do again soon! Now I need to find out how I am filling the rest of my days with Nick gone...most likely with lots of food and TV...


  1. How weird / stalkish / flattering is it that because I work with your sister and know you and most of the wonderful details of your life / pregnancy via my favorite blog in the world that I TOO wanna be one of the girls who comes over for cake to see your nursery? I mean seriously, internet relationships have such the way of gettin in your's like your my bff next door's crazy! (Seriously though...I doooo lovvvvve coffee cake. :)) j/k Shawna

  2. What fun you had. I am glad you got to do this.

  3. You guys all look so pretty! Glad you had fun. I have sort of been hibernating, too. I am really ready for spring - and this will be the most important spring of our lives! :)

  4. Man, I have seen weeks 24 through 28 in one sitting - NOW I know just how long I was offline!! So glad to hear you are still feeling great :oD and that we (Tim and I) are not the only ones with sci-fi/fantasy stuff all over the place (well at least yours is in the attic OURS is all over the place lol). Oh and the nursery is SO adorable!