Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Thumbs Up

Well we had another doctor appointment today. We actually got there really early, which is EXTREMELY unlike us. We had another appointment earlier in the morning, so when it was done we figured we might as well head on over and put our name on the list. We walk in and there is NOBODY in the waiting room! We managed to get in to see the doctor and be out to the car before our actual appointment time had even arrived! I would like to think we found a new secret formula for these appointments, but I think it was just a fluke. There is no way you go from waiting two hours to walking in and out just because you are thirty minutes early! Still...I think we will be early again next can't hurt.

Anyway, all went great with the doctor. I gained four pounds, so that brings me to 20. My blood pressure was good, the baby's heart beat was good. We got signed up for our birthing class, which seems like a smart thing to do. Really there wasn't much to it. They made our appointment for three weeks from now and we were out the door. I keep thinking he might offer us another ultrasound since we haven't had one since 18 weeks, but no such luck. I guess we might have to wait nine and a half more weeks to actually see this little baby again!

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