Friday, March 27, 2009

Why you Sould ALWAYS Look in the Mirror

So I was off work yesterday, which was awesome. I had lunch with my cousin, hung out with my best friend, then came home to get some housework done. I had worn a cute shirt to lunch, but just wanted to throw on a t-shirt to clean up the house. I grabbed a pre-pregnancy t-shirt that I wasn't sure would fit, but I slid it on, looked down, and see the following...
I was pretty pleased! I mean, sure, it's tight, but I can TOTALLY still wear my cute little t-shirt! I am OBVIOUSLY not as large as I feel! I start working on the house...take out the garbage, take out the recycling...normal cleaning stuff. I then go into the bathroom to clean up in there. And I look in the mirror for the first time. I see this...
Right. I had NO IDEA that I my shirt didn't go all the way down to my jeans! Totally and completely clueless. And now a little closer.
The sad part is, I seriously thought this shirt was fine. CUTE even. This is how serious fashion mistakes occur. A poor woman looks down and thinks "I thought this was sorta small, but I can TOTALLY pull this off!" Smiles to self about fitting into smaller clothes and runs out the door. Never looking in the mirror to see the truth. This is a valuable life lesson.

**For the record, after I took the pictures and started writing this post, it reminded me of the post of my belly when I was painting the nursery. I thought about scrapping it all together, seeing as how they are sorta similar, but effort had been put in...and I am way to lazy to just let some sort of effort go to waste! I figured you all wouldn't mind having MORE pictures of my belly hanging out of my clothes. How could you ever get enough of that??**


  1. I think the shirt is cute...who cares if your belly sticks out just a bit.:)

  2. That is awesome!

    During my first pregnancy, I'd always look in the mirror and realize there was food all over the underside of my belly. How it got there? I'll never know. But it was always hidden from view.

  3. Tee hee! I think it's cute anyhow. :)

    You should totally change the toilet paper... just sayin'... you know... so you don't get there and pee and then you're all like "OMGOSH I'm out of toilet paper!"

    I wouldn't want that to happen to you.


  4. Soooo funny! I always do the food on my belly thing like your friend fluentbrittish.

  5. Oh that's just too funny - lucky that you went to clean the bathroom then othewise you might still be oblivious to this!