Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Habit

Well Nick has gone off and left me for the weekend. He is in New York for work. I would be all sorts of jealous, but he is working the night shift at the particle accelerator, so he pretty much sleeps all day, and watches a giant tube all night. Not my idea of a dream weekend...

Since he was away, I somehow found myself falling into an old habit last night. A really old habit. For years now Nick as been very anti-ER. Not the place, the show. I have no idea why the hate runs so deep, but he HAAAAATES it. Every commercial for it send him into a "Stupid ER...Why are you still on the air...'Best Show Ever' my ass..." For years I defended it. I LOOOOOVED ER. I had watched it religiously since it started when I was in high school (or middle old is that show??) I even taped it on a VCR when I was going to miss it...I was so ahead of the DVR curve. Still, eventually I let it go. It was getting silly, and all the people I loved were gone. I began to mock it with Nick. A show past it's time. Dead to me now.

The thing is...deep down...DEEEEEEP down. The previews still slightly intrigued me. Not enough to add it to the DVR, but enough to remind me that I really used to like the show. A flicker of a feeling for a lost friend. Then it happened. The last season. And they started bringing people back! My old friends!! I hadn't caved...they hadn't brought back anybody good enough to pull me back in...until last night. I was home alone, flipping threw the channels...and who did I see...DOCTOR DOUG ROSS! (aka George Clooney) Yes! There he was! Oh and him and Nurse Hathaway are still together! OF COURSE THEY ARE!! THE LOVE!! And then, LOOK! It's Benton!! AND CARTER!! TOGETHER! Just like old times!!

I. WAS. HOOKED. I sat there are watched the entire episode, hoping somehow, something would bring them all back to finish out the last season. I knew it wouldn't happen. But I could hope. When it was over I was actually pretty happy it left everyone where they were. First off, the last thing I needed was another show to be addicted to. Second, how would I tell Nick that in the one weekend he left me alone, I rejoined the dark side and now LOVE ER AGAIN. No, it is better this way. What luck that this was the episode that came on when he was out of town!


  1. I so love this show and I still watch it. I have it on my DVR right now. I can't wait to watch it.

  2. I still watch the show but my love for it has diminished quite a bit. Last night's show was great though! I love when they bring the orginals back!

  3. My husband HAAAATES ER, too, and also whines during the previews for it. He's never even watched it.