Saturday, March 7, 2009

THE Crib!

So a funny thing happened when we went to order the crib. We were positive it was the one...positive until we got back to the store....then it started looking...sorta BIG. and just too much for our house and our little nursery. It was a great crib. No denying that...but was it THE crib?? No. It wasn't. So for the THIRD time we started the crib search. (Nobody ever accused me and Nick of making rash decisions...remember how we dated for seven years?? Right.)

Anyway, apparently the third time is really the charm because we found THE crib! It only took a solid thirty minutes of me walking back and forth between two saying, "I am just not sure..." We finally made it official and went to place the order...only to find out that they had THE crib in stock! It was meant to be!! So without further ado...THE crib! So glad we didn't go with the bigger crib because once Nick got this one put together we realized exactly how large a crib actually is...or how small our nursery actually is...either way, this was the perfect choice! For the record, my floors are not always this dirty (thank God). Nick is still patching nail holes in the chair rail and so there is some sanding going on...I would have cleaned it, but he isn't I would just have to clean it again in like two days. Yes, I am that lazy. Anyway, we wanted to test out the crib...but seeing as how we don't have our sweet baby just yet, we had to practice with the other baby... She seemed to like it okay, but that might have been because Nick and I were telling her HOW GREAT she was the entire time...she does love attention. She takes after me. Still, she much prefers her bean bag bed, which I guess is a good thing. The baby has called dibs on this!

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  1. Great Crib and review. Hope you are having a great Saturday. We did the same thing with our little dog when she was alive.

  2. I'm pretty sure that's the same crib Liz and Cory have.

  3. LOVE the crib! Ellie looks mighty fetching in it, too!

  4. it is a VERY nice crib - we decided on Saturday not to get one for a couple of months and just to use a camp cot for the two of them