Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Evolution of Bio Girl

I have been thinking about this blog lately. About how when I started writing on it, that I had serious doubts that it would even last. I have never been a writer. A talker, oh yes, but a writer...not really my style. Sounded...hard. Sounded like work. What in the heck would I WRITE about?? Still, everyone else was writing on one, and I figured I might as well give it a go and start a personal blog too. I really had no readers that were not people I knew in real life. My blog wasn't easy to find. There was no google search that would lead you to my blog except by googling .com. That's right. You had to google the ENTIRE NAME. It was the only way to hunt me down. Yesterday when I got home I was checking in on my blog and saw that someone was here who google searched Bio Girl. That's it. No quotations, no hyphen, no "blog" or "pregnancy blog" or anything. Just Bio Girl. Not only was on I on the google list. I was FIRST on the list. Number ONE out of "about 13,000,000" sites that contain those two words. I am about 100% positive that the reason for this is that google bought blogger, but still, somehow it got me thinking of how far this blog has actually come.

When I started writing we were not trying for a family yet. As I think back I am not even positive what I talked about, but then I go and read and it was really similar to what I write about now. Just day to day life. Random events that I thought were funny. Nothing moving or meaningful, just random life. Eventually we entered the second stage of Bio Girl as I told you all that we were trying for a family. At this point the blog took a turn to a little more personal with discussions of my endometriosis. In some ways it stayed the same around here, but it has an undertone of discouragement. Still, it wasn't something that was mentioned a lot and mainly I just rambled.

In the next stage of the life of Bio Girl I started infertility treatment. This is when lots of you all started reading, or at least this is how you found me. It was definitely the darkest side of Bio Girl. I don't even like reading lots of those posts now because they have so much heart break in them. I used the blog as a spring board for all my thoughts and emotions. This is the time that the blog was my source of therapy. I remember at this point thinking, "WHAT did I used to talk about on here? What was there before infertility??" I truly thought the blog might die if I ever got pregnant. I just didn't see that it would be something I would write about in the same way, or something you all would want to come back and keep reading about. Now I have no idea why I thought this, but I do know it happens to a lot of infertility blogs. They stop writing when they stop treatments. I am so glad I kept going.

The forth stage of Bio Girl has obviously been pregnancy. I can honestly say I was SHOCKED when I continued to pick up new readers as a pregnancy blog. I thought I would drop a lot of the infertility readers and nobody else would be able to find me in the long list of pregnancy blogs. I wasn't hurt by the fact that it is hard for other infertile girls to keep reading once the good news hits. I know how hard it is to be in the trenches of the fight, so I never want to make things harder. I just expected to lose a lot of readers and go back to mainly family reading. That is not what happened. This blog just keeps growing! You all keep coming and reading about things like weekly belly pictures and me having heart burn or us getting our home ready for the baby, or really just our overall excitement. You have been more supportive and loving than I expected. Amazing how I underestimate you all even after how much you were there for me with the IVF. I have learned that I love to share things with you all. The funny, the heart breaking, the boring. I just want to tell you. Really because you all have become my friends. My blogging family. And I love to share things with my family.

I guess eleven weeks from now we will enter a fifth and permanent stage for Bio Girl. The Mommy blog. In my head I wonder if I will have time to write. If I will have things to write about that you all want to read. Then I remember that I have thought that in each life stage of the blog, and I have never stopped writing, and you all have never stopped reading and commenting. I know things will change, and I will look back and wonder what in the heck I talked about everyday without pictures of the BAAAAABY, but I think I have been at this long enough now to still be able to hold on to what started Bio Girl in the first place. Random stories about our lives. Thank you guys for reading and for sticking around. You make it fun to share our memories. I can't wait to meet our sweet baby, and now that this blog is such a part of my life, I cannot wait for you all to meet him or her either!


  1. You have always been a GREAT storyteller so it was just a matter of putting words to paper which you have done very well.

    And also. I am constantly amazed at how alike we are. My blog also comes up as number #1 on a Google search if you type in "I Know Where You Can Find It."

    We ARE absolutely fabulous, aren't we?

  2. I LOVE your blog, it is wonderful and I think while you may not have realized you had potential to be a writer when you started blogging you have definitely proven you have talent! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! :)

  3. I found your blog on another blog and started to read. I enjoyed your story and the ending of you being PG. I can't wait to see your little one either. I have enjoyed my blog page. I am a Mom and I still blog. It is fun. Have a great weekend.

  4. Funny how life changes, no? I must admit that I checked Google to see if the same thing happened when I googled my blog . . yikes. Looking forward to cheering you on in the Mommy Stage, too :)

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