Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Project Nursery Part Three!

We seem to have so much going on these days! Work has been crazy (CRAZY! Like huge audit/working ten our days crazy) and we had Nick's brothers 30th birthday (where the waiter started laughing and was like, "I am sure you all are use to it, but it is just AMAZING when we have identical twins come in here!"...talking about Nick and his brother...who are two years apart. Clearly not identical twins...the family has some seriously strong genes though...I am doomed)plus crib shopping and other random life events. Just BUSY. I had my doctors appointment today (gained five pounds...not bad considering the large volume of food I have consumed!) and all seems to be going perfectly. They did the diabetes screening so I should hear about that in the next day or two. After the appointment I stopped in to our infertility doc's office to get some tax information an got to catch up with the great girls from over there. They are just so sweet! To say we are thankful for that amazing office is the understatement of the year, but it was so nice to see them all and catch up!

Anyway, the actual point of this post is to show you all some nursery pictures! Now, I gotta say that this will not be the last nursery picture post...because come to find out they don't actually keep all cribs in stock...and if you have to order take FOUR TO SIX WEEKS! My goodness. Gotta say I was a little depressed that it will be that long, but still, it is something to look forward to! Obviously I didn't want you all to wait that long to see the finished paint, so we will just add a Project Nursery Part Four once the crib is in and we have the bedding set and everything in there and ready for our sweet baby to come home.

So to the pictures....we last left off with some primed drywall which we have now painted green!

Then we cut in the lower boards with brown. Do you all know how long it takes to cut in paneling??? A LONG TIME.Finally we rolled out the last of the paint and added the chair rail and molding, cleaned up and moved in some furniture!See how it's all green on top and brown on a tree...because we are doing the nursery in forests...get it...pretty cute, right? We absolutely love it. I actually cannot stop looking in there and smiling. I can't wait to get the crib and the wall hangings and bedding so it really starts to turn into our little forest nursery!


  1. It looks great and makes me want to paint something... but I won't. Because I'm lazy.

  2. LOVE the colors! We have so much green & brown... it's one of my favorite combinations!! Great job!

    I think I'm too lazy to paint our walls, I keep thinking of how I wanna decorate when the baby is toddler (weird, huh?) & maybe re-paint then... but we'll see! :)

    Looking forward to seeing the crib in there!

  3. Very cute! I love that forest idea... I think I may even know what bedding you are getting?

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love it! What color is the green paint?