Friday, August 28, 2009

Change of Weather

So Henry had out grown all of his 0-3 months clothes (*sob*) so I had to pick him up some 3-6 month stuff. The problem was, all they seemed to have in all the stores was fall stuff! All corduroy and long sleeves. I am a big fan of fall, so I totally thought the clothes were adorable, but I was like, "no no no. It is still the HEAT of summer! He needs BREEZY!" (I use words like breezy. I am not embarrassed) I then went to Babies R Us and hit a huge sale where I got an entire new wardrobe for the boy. All sleeveless and cool. Perfect for the roasting August's and Septembers we have here in Kentucky. As I was checking out I thought, "He might not even need 3-6 month fall clothes! He might be in 6-9months before it gets cool enough around here to need long sleeves! I am a genius for hitting this sale and getting an ENTIRE second summer wardrobe! GENIUS!"

And then...literally, the MOMENT I walked out of the store I was like, "'s outside..." But I knew it would pass and the heat would return. I went home and removed all tags from the new clothes and washed them...because I am an idiot. And now it has stayed cool. We are in the 70's with a nice Fall breeze. Next week we are suppose to be in the 60's. THE SIXTY'S! That is totally corduroy and long sleeve weather! What the hell am i doing with a baby with an entire new summer wardrobe in sixty degree weather?? Good thing it was all on super sale. I think I might have to go back out shopping soon.

**Also, as a side note, my fall allergies are in full swing. MISERY. The doctor told me to take allergy medicine as sparing as possible because it will dry up my milk. So...I am just suffering through. I*sniff sniff*


  1. I am so WITH YOU. What the heck happened to summer? The good news is that it is supposed to go back up in the 80's next weekend so maybe Henry can wear some of those clothes. Before the snow falls.

  2. Ellie was also born in May, so we are in need of more summer clothes. I can't wait for fall. I think that little boys have the cutest clothes for fall and winter.

  3. NOOOOO problem, Nannie went shopping :)