Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I was working yesterday. The door rang and I went to get it. It was a client I haven't seen in awhile. The conversation went as follows:

Him: Well Hello there!

Me: *large friendly smile* Well hello!

Him : Aren't you the one who was having a baby?

Me: Yep! That was me *Smiling with pride about upcoming conversation about my perfect child*

Him: So...are you still pregnant?

Me: .....

Him: ....

Me: had my baby. He is almost three months old. He is wonderful! *force smile to show the misunderstanding is NO BIG DEAL.*

Him: *Oblivious to mistake* Oh, three months is a good age! I have a nineteen month old

Me: (In my head...clearly), "do I SERIOUSLY still look pregnant fella?? SERIOUSLY???" *kick him in shin*
Me: (actual spoken word) Hahaha *awkward laugh since he finds nothing funny* I am sure 19 months is fun. We are loving three months!

Me: (back in my head) seriously?? SERIOUSLY???

Him: *blissfully unaware* See ya later!

Me: Huh? Oh...bye.

For the record, I DO NOT still look pregnant. I don't. I don't. I don't. Stupid man.

Also, even if I did a little...he is totally worth it...but I TOTALLY don't. *giant sigh* **picture completely irrelevant to post seeing as how Henry is laying on top of my stomach and you cannot see if I still look pregnant, but whatever. It is a sweet picture of my boy and his non-pregnant mama!**


  1. OMG I can't believe he said that to you!! People can be so thoughtless and rude... the other day I had an elderly tourist telling me I spoke wrong and that the town Bath was pronounced "Barth" and he tried to humiliate me into saying it "correctly" (i.e. his way)... nowhere near as bad as your client but just thought I'd share how rude clients/customers can be *sigh*

    Btw you look brilliant I can't believe he would even have to ask you, stupid *mumble mumble mumble*

  2. People are idiots. I saw you the other day and you DID NOT look pregnant.

  3. Seriously, I think people are idiots!

    Love the picture!