Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three Month Pictures

Nick and I took Henry to get his three month pictures taken today. Nick didn't come with me last time and I ended up buying three different poses. I really figured he would keep a level head and we would come home with one, maybe two, this time around. Apparently he is just as bad as me and CANNOT say no to adorable pictures of our sweet boy. This is my favorite. Isn't he the most adorable thing you have ever seen!?!?
Nick loves the ones in the overalls. They are pretty stinkin' cute too.
Then we got this close up one of him smiling...
This one is all Nick. I was like, "No" and he was like, "WHAT?? It's AWESOME!" And I was like, "???" and he was like, "!!!" so we got it. It's growing on me.
We did agree on this one because he looks perfect in every way.
And those are the five we bought. BUT THEN, they gave us a cd...and I thought it would only have the ones we bought on it, but NO. It has ALL the pictures on it! So if I feel that I don't have quite enough pictures to document him at three months, I can always go get this one...
Henry says, "Mama, I TOTALLY have this standing thing under control!"
Or this one...
Serious but adorable.
Plus there are 35 more. Just in case we need them. Anybody need some pictures of a perfect boy?


  1. I DO, I DO!!!


    One of each please.

  2. So adorable!! I love the ones where you and Nick are holding his hands, perfect!

  3. Those pictures are just adorable. I love the one where he is standing and you guys are holding onto his hands. That is just so darn cute.

    Thanks for sharing with us.