Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Months

Dear Henry,

You amaze me every single day with how much you are growing and changing. I think back to three months ago and am just in shock of how far you have come so fast. You love standing up and your little legs are getting so strong. It used to be such a struggle for you to control your little head, but now it is something you do without effort. You love to look around and see what is happening around you. We can tell now that when you look at things, you truly look at them. You are so interested in this world. You love music, and you love when people read to you and talk to you. You have decided you are no longer content just being held "like a baby" in the cradle hold, and now you much prefer to be held upright so you can see the world. You actually like it best when I hold you facing out so you can REALLY see. But still, when you are in a cuddly mood you will let me hold you upright and you will lay your little head on my shoulder. I love it so much. When you are tired I can still hold you in the cradle hold, and I love that too. You are so very sweet.
You are getting so much bigger, but when we go out people still talk about how tiny you are. We went to the doctor last week and you are up to ten pounds eight ounces and are now 23 inches long. You are still small for your age, but you are catching up. People love looking at you and you will sometimes put on a show and give them a big smile. You are such a happy little boy. It is so easy to please you. Your swing is still a favorite spot, but you are starting to enjoy other things too. You sit in your bebepod seat and look around at everyone. You love being in your crib with the mobile on, or on your play-mat with the music. Honestly, you love anywhere we put you.
You are developing a little temper and you have found a way of telling us you don't like something. You scream. When you cry, instead of crying "whaaaa....whaaaa" you actually cry, "Maaaaaaa....Maaaaaaa" It is so pitiful and so funny at the same time. You go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. You don't get mad often, but when you do...oh man. You are serious. Usually it is all made okay by me feeding you. That is always an acceptable answer for one of your fits.
Even when you cry, you warm our hearts. We love every second we get to spend with you. Now that you are becoming so interactive with us we love it even more. You love it when we sing for you, or we play with you. You will smile so big when me or your Papa comes in the room. You watch us and your eyes are so filled with love. It is overwhelming. It is hard for my heart to handle the amount of love I have for you. Your sweet smile gets me through my days. You have such a sweet nature. I am not sure how we got so lucky to have such a perfect little boy.



  1. What a precious Moma you are...what a gift you have been blessed with...What darling pictures you have posted...what touching words you have shared.

  2. Awww that is a super sweet post. Thanks for sharing your letter to Henry with us. The letter was just amazing.

  3. I am a complete stranger and your post brought me to tears. Bless your family. This is truly what life is all about. Beth

  4. You are a perfect Mama to that perfect boy. I love you both very much.