Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thank you all for being so sweet about my post yesterday. It really does help to talk about it (or write about it) and to know that you all understand. Now, in order to move that post down and to talk about more enjoyable things, I thought I would share a quick video of sweet Henry so you all can see him in action! He is really working on talking these days, and loves it when you talk back to him with one syllable sounds...hence Nick making all that noise in the back ground.

Henry Talking from Sarah on Vimeo.Of course as soon as we were done I attempted to retake the video with a little more planning. the TV is off in the second one, and his head is a little more straight. Of course he sits there like a bump on a log in it and refuses to make a peep. Such is life. I sorta like the TV-crooked head one now...seems more like us.


  1. Oh that is just SO adorable!! I love it... oh and hearing mama and papa in the background (always good to hear blogger's voices!!... although hard to know what Nick sounds like when he's not making noises like that hehe)

    Sorry to read your last post, haven't much to say constructively not having been there myself but just wanted to let you know I'd read it and am thinking of you x

  2. That is so sweet! He has such a great little personality!

  3. That is about the cutest thing EVER!! Thanks for making me smile today!

  4. He is SOOO adorable! 2 funny things: #1) It is SOOO weird to hear your voice! It seems strange that I have no clue what you sound like, but it's true. Kinda cool and freaky. #2) Audrey crawled in my lap to watch this with me and I told her we were watching baby Henry. She keeps asking for "More baby Henry". :) He's already got the ladies buzzing... ;)