Monday, August 24, 2009

Nap Time

Henry has been a great sleeper since the moment we brought him home. He was fine to lay in his bed and fall asleep. He would take his naps, he would sleep at night. If we put him in his bed he was like, "what?? Is it bed time?? Cool! zzzzzzzzzz". I knew it was too good to last. Henry has apparently decided he is now too old for naps. Lovely. Yesterday I COULD NOT get him to lay down, so finally I dropped him in his car seat and headed to my sister-in-laws. I figured if he was going to be cranky, might as well let her hold him while he fusses! Once we got home he was still very anti-nap. He fought it and fought it and would NOT sleep at bed time. He was clearly tired. He would dose, then jerk back awake as if to say, "I wasn't sleeping! I am FINE!"

I thought he was just off his schedule and would be fine today, but once again he was not interested in napping this morning. We took a walk to help him calm down and he passed out, but once we got back into the house he was wide awake and wanted nothing but to be held and to chew on my finger (passie would not do...MUST be mama's finger!). His little head would droop and I would think, " it is" and then I would lay him down and the screaming would start. *sigh*

He finally wore himself out and is sleeping in his crib. We will see how long it lasts. I already miss the days when he just happily drifts off to sleep as soon as we lay him down. WHY would he fight it?? Sleeping is so WONDERFUL! Oh will wish you had this time to sleep when you are older!


  1. I know the feeling....Our little girl thinks her crib and bassinet are a bed of nails! She will only sleep when being held and that is after getting rocked to sleep while swaddled tightly (legs out of course b/c she is a giant lol). I keep hoping it will get better!!!

  2. Oh how I hate sleep issues.

  3. He sleeps just fine in Nana's and Nanny's and Grammie's arms. All we have to do is rock him and kiss him and tell him how perfect he is, he can take a two hour nap easy.