Monday, August 17, 2009

Midsummer Nights Run

In an attempt to be sorta active and feel involved and what not, my sisters and I decided to participate in the Midsummer Nights Run. It's an annual 5K that our city does to promote fitness.
For the record, when I say we "participated" I totally mean we just walked. There was no RUNNING of the 5K. More of a leisurely stroll...but we brought Henry so we were thinking maybe it would look like we ALWAYS ran, but this year we had a new baby so we were just going to take it easy...little did I know there were like serious mom-runners there...with jogging strollers and everything. Crazy.
See that little girl standing behind me? She beat us. Kids are seriously fast runners. Henry passed out before it even started, but he did wake up at the end and enjoy the walk
Still, we got cool things like numbers to pin on our chests and timers to go on our shoes...
We were pretty impressed that we actually wore walking clothes and had on tennis shoes (we are sandal and flip flop girls)...while taking this picture of our shoes and posing for shots with the baby we realized everyone else was stretching and like, warming up for the RACE...I think they figured out that it was our first 5K
Action shot...way to busy trying to win the race to stop for a picture. Of course, about fifteen minutes into the race we saw the leaders coming back to finish. We were all like, "Man! This is EASY! If they are almost done, it can't be that far!" We then managed to get off course entirely, get back on, find new things in our city we had never seen (like a new Jimmy Johns), run into a mob of people who had already finished and were blocking the course because they assumed the race was over, and then finally after an hour we crossed the finish line. We looked to our right and there was an elderly couple holding hands. We looked to our left and there was a man with a cane....and we all finished at the same time. All in all, an extremely respectable finish, right?? Still, we FINISHED a 5k! Pretty darn proud. Just wish I had money with me to buy a funnel cake as a reward...


  1. Dude. I'm totally thinking of "running" my first race next weekend. And by running, I also totally mean walking with a stroller. I don't want to do it alone though and haven't had any luck recruiting anyone to join me. :(

  2. LOL! Congratulations on completing your first 5K :)

  3. Well Done!! :oD I did a 5k to raise money for cancer research once (it's an all female race put on each year in various towns across the UK) and my friend who was supposed to do it wit me couldn't come in the end so I got on a bus and found the place and half walked-half ran it alone (I can't run very well, dodgy knees meaning I fall over my own two feet a lot!!) I didn't come last but I certainly wasn't first... but it makes you feel good just to take part, right?!

  4. I actually had to read this post aloud to my husband because I was laughing so hard and needed to share it with somebody.

    Your blog makes me happy :)