Saturday, August 29, 2009


So...we have a confession to make. Something you may have noticed...but something that isn't as clear in pictures as it is in real life...something Henry doesn't really want me talking about or pointing out to you all, but I feel it is time to come clean. Henry has lost something. This picture might help you to see a change in Henry. A little something...that is now missing....(also, my LORD he was tiny! Look at my precious little jaundice baby!!!)
See something that might be gone?? Henry says, "Wait? What are you about to tell everyone?? I wasn't paying attention!!"
"Mama....I am serious. I don't want to talk about this. I look FINE. NOTHING is missing. Let's just leave this alone" (also, what color are these eyes?? At this point it is anybodys guess...)
"Look Mama, LOOK! I will smile for you on CAMERA! That will distract you from telling my little secret! DON'T take another PICTURE!!"

"Damn you, Mama. It was a SECRET!"

Mama says, "HENRY! Don't say Damn! Anyway, you don't need to be embarrassed that you lost all of your hair except that little ring around your neck! It's ADORABLE! Just like YOU!!"*kiss kiss hug hug kiss kiss hug hug*

"Darn you Mama. Darn you to Heck"


  1. I love that sweet bald baby!!!


  2. I love his old man hair!!! Miss you guys! Funny post Sarah.

  3. my Connor is also going bald! isn't it sad but cute?!

  4. That happened to Camden too. He has a little on top so he looks as if he has a comb over....too cute!

  5. How bad is it that I was thinking either umbilical cord (which would have happened a looong time ago) or circumcision (too, long time ago).

    Be sure to hold on to this pic in case he ever does start to lose his hair. Tell him it was a precursor to what would be.