Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Lighten the Mood

Thank you all so much. Your comments yesterday were awesome. I truly enjoyed every single one. It's nice to know that you all are always here and so supportive. It makes the crap luck of having endometriosis a little easier to take.

I am feeling much better today. Not great, but much much better. And I don't really have much to blog about, but I wanted to lighten the mood around here. So, I thought I would share with you some hilarious (maybe just to me) pictures that my friend Whitney sent me in order to brighten my day. These pictures... they ALWAYS crack me up. Like out loud, at work, so that people come to see what is so funny. And that is just a touch awkward. But now I shall share them with you! And maybe one or two of you will laugh, drawing unwanted attention to your blog reading at work. And my work here will be done.
Oh skeptical hippo. How your questionable expression completely makes my day.
Awesome Cat
I am totally going to do this for Ellie. Just so everyone around town knows that I have the coolest dog ever born.
funny baby
I sorta want to be friends with these parents. Seems like our kind of people. (I too like to make fun of pictures of my child)
awesome pirate cat
And finally, every time I look at this one it makes me laugh. It just never seems to get old. Who doesn't want a pirate cat?

If you are still wanting to read about things I enjoy, I have a new book review up over on Blogher for The Rules of Civility. The book is a wonderful look into a woman's life in Manhattan in the late 1930's. Totally worth reading. Check out my review if you have time! Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Thank God I'm self-employed....less embarrassing when I crack up laughing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the first two. They are hilarious. Silly hippo. I'm skeptical too. Skeptical that Skeptical Hippo really wants to punch a hole in my pontoon and eat me. I don't think I taste good. I've been on chlomid and estrogen patches. Although that might make Skeptical Hippo super fertile. So maybe Skeptical Hippo DOES want to eat me. Who knows?

    And that cat looks kick @$$. Like he wants to kick @$$. Who needs a guard dog when you have a cat like that? It'll claw your friggin' eyes out.

    Sending you hugs girl!

  3. Wow. That "at dawn we ride" picture is too much. I'm still laughing as I type this. I need a poster of that, badly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. hahaha I love them all. My cat needs an eye patch...she would look awesome. She used to wear a bandana. And I agree with Esperanza...I want a poster of that as well! Thanks for sharing these!