Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy Day

"Pool?" Henry asks before bed. He has been asking for days. Even bringing me his swim trunks and swim shirt and shaking them at me, "Pool? Pool? Pool?" Finally I could say yes.

"Tomorrow baby. I promise. We are going to Aunt Mimi's to swim!"

"Mimi? Pool? Mimi! POOL!!!!"

This morning he woke up with the same request. "Pool?"

"Yes baby. After Ms. Lauren comes to help you with speech. Then Pool!"

"POOL!" He yelled, then laughed and said "YAY!!"

When Nick walked out to go to work he told me to come out with the camera. They sky looked like this:

Which... you know...looks sorta ominous.

All during speech I hoped it would blow over. But next thing we knew the Severe Weather Sirens were going off and we had to accept it.

"Pool?" He asked as Ms. Lauren dashed for the car in the down pour.

"No baby. Mama is so sorry. No pool today." I hate breaking promises. I hate letting him down, even when it is totally out of my control. It breaks my heart to say no when I already said yes. It breaks my heart to say no when I want to say yes.

He looked out the window and let out a deep sigh. Dropped his little head for just a second in defeat, then looked at me and asked "Fish?", pointing to the TV. Asking to watch Finding Nemo instead.

"Sure baby"

"YAY!!! FISH!!"

I smiled at him, amazed at how easily he can accept canceled plans. The thing he has been begging for, the thing I promised we would do today. But instead we will watch Fish. And them Maybe Woody too. And soon... really soon, we will go to the pool.
Rainy Day
I wish all things I wanted to give him but cant were as easy to fix as watching movies on a rainy day and going to the pool, keeping the promise, as soon as the sun comes out.


  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun despite the storm and canceled plans! :-)

  2. As the mom of a 15 and 19 year old, I long for the days when a Disney movie fixed everything. I was going to type "enjoy having him as a wee one while it lasts", but it is so obvious that you do.....