Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are coming up on six months in Henry's speech therapy. I was talking with his therapist today about how we used to keep track of his words. "He can say eight words...but only really uses three on his own". The fact that I said that six months ago blows my mind. How far my little man has come. I have no idea how many words Henry can say now. There are way too many to count. Today during a 20 minute section of his therapy he said 30 different words, and they included things like:

"Plane flies!! BEE!! BEE FLIES!! Plane, Bee Fly!!" While making flying noises and making the bee and plane fly around the room

"Niiiiiiiiiice" used when looking at an impressive tower of blocks he built. (This is one of my all time favorite things he says because of the inflection. It is awesome)

"There it is!" used when finding the location for one of the final puzzle pieces he was putting in place

"More juice?" he asked his teacher before pouring fake juice into a small cup.

He then smiled and said "Pretend!" because we keep telling him he can't actually EAT the fake food.

"Yellow Block", "Shoe, foot!", "Hat, Head!", "Pop bubbles. POP POP POP!"

Lots more. Lots and lots. I can't even think of all the things he says, because he talks all the time. And it's one of those things I get to stop worrying about. He is fine. He is smart. He is perfect.
We reevaluate his need to continue speech therapy next week, and whatever the decide is fine. His therapist wants to keep him in, working on sentences and increasing his vocabulary. Either way is okay with me. All I care about is that he is using his language. We understand him. He tells us what he wants and our life has gotten dramatically easier with that simple ability.
Henry and Buzz
"Mama! Buzz Fly"

"That's right baby. Buzz flies. And Henry talks"

His voice is beautiful to me.


  1. I love that he has a Buzz Light Year toy! So cute!

    He sounds like he is doing so well. I wonder how many famous people were slight speech delayed? I bet we would be surprised. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter. Henry is getting to where he "needs to be." I Bet by this time in a year, you would never know.

  2. This update made me smile. :)

    I started reading your blog right around the time Henry started his speech therapy and it's great to see he's doing so well!

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