Monday, August 15, 2011


I am thinking we might need to lighten the mood around here. What do you all think? So let's move on to the subject of one moppy headed boy and how it may or may not have been mentioned to me recently (maybe a couple of times) that is could possibly be time know...a hair cut.
Henry: "Hellloooooo Ladies. What are we talking about?"

Mama: "Hi baby! We are just discussing how some people (not ME) think it may be time for... You know...a hair cut"
Henry: "You all just wait one minute! Now Mama, we have discussed this. You KNOW how if my first career choice as a race car driver doesn't work out, and if cowboy, space ranger and Batman also fall through, that I am totally planning on becoming a Samurai!"

Mama: "I know Henry, but..."

Henry: " And EVERYONE knows that a Samurai is only as good as his Topknott! I mean, that's where they keep their Strength. You wouldn't think of cutting off my strength mama, right? WOULD YOU CUT OFF MY STRENGTH?

Mama: "Well now Henry, your strength doesn't REALLY live in your..."

Henry: " Wait! Before you answer just take a look at this!"
Mama: "Oh. Well..."

Henry: "It's my TOPKNOTT!"

Mama: "yes, I see that. And you do seem really proud of it"

Henry : "You've got that right. Plus, check it out from the side"
Mama: " Well. Nobody could deny that that is impressive."

Henry: " I rest my case."

PS. After much debate we did decide it was time to get the Topknott trimmed. In our house this is basically a buzz cut.
I am happy to report his strength is still fully intact.

PPS. When Nick saw the "topknott" he told me to take out the ponytail. When I informed him that it was actually a topknott he thought for a second, shook his head and said "Okay. We need to get him a sword."

I love my family.


  1. Awe, but I like the shaggy look! ;) Still, the buzz cut looks pretty sharp, too.

  2. I LOVE Nick's response! And the boy looks adorable :)

  3. If I had a little boy I would totally keep his hair shaggy, love it! Hope you ran out and got him a sword to match his "topknott"!! So dang cute!