Monday, August 1, 2011

Pile Day

We had a great weekend. Really pretty perfect. We celebrated sweet Cici's birthday on Saturday, and I will post a few pictures from that enjoyable event once I load them up on Flickr. Yesterday I woke up at 10:30 and was a little confused. I heard Henry in his room, talking to himself and go to check on him. I find him laying in bed, reading a book surrounded by his owl and a million matchbox cars. He looked up and smiled. Just like "Oh, Hi Mama. I was just letting you sleep in". Good lord I love that child.

We thought about going swimming or doing something, anything. But in the end decided against it. We took a family day to pile. Just the three of us. Food, video games, movies, books. We laughed and played and had a wonderful day. The only time I left the house was to pick up dinner. Because with all that piling around I wasn't up for cooking.

I did manage to read the entire third book in Nora Roberts Bridal Quartet. You know I have a weakness for weddings and close girlfriends and book series, so I am LOVING these books. They are about four best friends running a bridal company and each book focuses on one of the girls. I am now on the last one, and will be sad when the series is over. They are simple stories, but completely enjoyable. Worth reading.

Okay, that's actually all I've got. I guess days of piling don't lead to good blogging. (It was totally worth it.)


  1. Sounds like a great day...I have never heard of a "pile day"..thanks for sharing. Oh and how lovely of Henry to let you sleep in!! btw..not sure if I mentioned it already..I had a Henry in my class this past year and he was an absolute delight....must be a great name!! =0)

  2. The days where you sit back and do nothing are the best days, espcially amidst all the caos your life has been lately. I can tell you after months of not having a weekend to myself, I look forward longingly to weekends where the most I have to do is clean my house and go grocery shopping. No company over, and no going anywhere. Perfect!

  3. Sounds fun and relaxing! I am going to be reading the Bridal Quartet hopefully soon. Bought it for my sister for her birthday and I want them when she is done. :)