Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Needs Toys?

Henry in box
Henry: "OH. MY. GOSH. Mama...did you know that there is a box in the living room??"

Mama: "Yes baby, it's from the new dishwasher. Don't worry about it. We will get it out of the house soon"
Henry in box
Henry: "Out of the house? WHY? I mean, this thing is full of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!"
Henry in box
Henry: "Hmmm... I am thinking club house. maybe fort. "

Mama: "But baby... it's kinda in the way..."
Henry in box
Henry: "No no no mama. It isn't in the way! You can just get rid of my bed! Look, I fit perfectly"

Mama: "Henry... I think you may still need a bed..."

Henry in box
Henry: "Okay FINE. Keep my bed. But it could replace ALL my other toys. It is all I need Mama. ALL I NEED!"

Mama: "You can keep it for two days. Then it's out of here"
Henry in box
Henry: "Deal! Now get out of here Mama. This is a boys only club house"

Mama: "I can't be in your club Henry?"

Henry: "Oh okay Mama. But just you."

Mama: "Sounds like a plan, sweet boy."