Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once Again, Blogging Takes the Place of a Baby Book

So we took Henry for his three year check yesterday.

Yes... I know. His birthday was in May. I have no really good excuse. I mean, they don't even charge us a copay. I just never called to make the appointment, and the next think I knew it was NEARLY SEPTEMBER. (worthless mama).  But anyway, we FINALLY made it in to see our wonderful doctor.  Want to know my boy's stats?  I know you are dying to see them.  Have been waiting MONTHS for these numbers to come in.  So here goes:

Height: 38 3/4" - 75%
Weight: 30lbs (even)  - 25%
BMI: 13.4 - <5>

(these are adjusted to be 3 year, 3 month stats)

So.... still holding on to that tall skinny style he has.  We are fans of tall and skinny around here, so we are good with it.  If you as ME, he is pretty perfect.

The doctor asked a lot of questions that Henry and I could easily answer.  He is right on track.  She was fine with him not starting preschool until next year (something I have fretted over) because he has lots of social interaction, he knows all his letters, numbers, colors, shapes and is even starting to write.  She said one year of preschool is perfect. 

So the diagnosis was that he is all good.  Right on track.  Perfectly three.  It's a good feeling.

South Carolina 2012
My three year old baby. (pre hair cut).   Three years (and three months) sure has gone by fast.


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