Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Who's Who Page

I had a comment the other day on the post about Cici's birthday post that basically asked "who the heck is this child?" It was asked in a nice way. (Hi anonymous commenter! I am not calling you out...well I kind of am, but only to point out that you bring up a great point!) And I realized that I might expect too much from you all.  I write on this blog like you are all my close family and friends and you can easily keep straight the people I talk about. And lots of you do know me in real life, or have been reading here for a long time and know who these people are.  But still, this little blog has been growing in readers over the last couple of years, and everyday I have people here who find me on google or some blogging list who have no idea what our back story is or how these people work into our lives.

So I am giving you a page of Who's Who on Bio Girl!  The link will stay up at the top of this site like the "About Bio Girl" page, and whenever someone new comes here and is confused, they can click on it!  Or regular readers can look at it to get faces to go with names (as if I don't post pictures, but STILL!  These are good pictures!  I love them!). It's genius, I tell you.

 I enjoyed making this way more than I should have.  I mean, it should be pretty straight forward, right?  A picture, a name, next person.  But finding the pictures of people?  It gave me so much joy. And I started writing things about people, but then I froze up on thinking of cute things, so some of these will be updated over time once I think of the PERFECT thing to say.   If you are on this list, I most likely stole your picture from Facebook.  Hope you don't mind!  If there is someone else I talk about that I forgot (SORRY to that person!) Someone tell me and I will add them.  For now, it's a work in progress, but I was ready to share it with you.  So click HERE to see the Who's Who on Bio Girl!


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