Monday, August 27, 2012

Start of Term

Today is my first day of class, so the semester is officially rolling. I love the start of a new semester. Before anything is actually due, before I have a million deadlines, when my notebooks are empty and my bag is clean and organized. When I swear to myself that I will do everything early, I will use my planner and stick to a schedule, I will BE ON TOP OF THINGS!

 I have been better about actually kinda doing some of these things since I started my masters. my undergrad... well... that's just a different story. But you can't turn a type B personality into a type A, so in the end, I will eventually resort to scurrying around, trying to finish up ALL THE STUFF. Writing papers at midnight, trying to keep my eyes open to finish reading one more chapter, having stacks of paperwork and research on the computer desk driving Nick insane. It's just life as a Type B personality student. I should just embrace it.
At least my program seems to expect this behavior. As a welcome present they gave us these mugs, which hold approximately three times the volume of coffee of a normal mug. Well played, MPH program.

This start of term is different from other starts of term for a few reasons.  I have been working on this Masters for two years now, but this is the first semester I have taken more than three credit hours.  I am actually taking six, working on my practicum and taking an actual in the classroom class.  So... things will be busy around here.  I would say I don't know how the blog will be effected, but turns out not much gets in the way of me blogging.  I just love you all too much... (I can't be made to stop talking).

In addition to that, Nick is actually TEACHING this semester.  That's right.  He works here at the University too, and they told him one of his new responsibilities is to teach a lab.  Not as a TA, but as the actual instructor.  He has two TA's under him, five sections and around 100 students.  It's huge.  And terrifying.  But I have full faith that he will do great, because I have seriously never known a better teacher than Nick.  He is so patient and can explain things so well... he will do awesome.

So... the start of term.  It's actually a big deal in the Bio Girl house.  The biggest deal it's been since we were both students at this school.  So wish us luck!  And maybe send caffeine...


  1. Good luck! Michael's parents both went back for their MPH while they had 3 small kids at home. He says all he remembers about those years were how much spaghetti they ate...quick and cheap! :) So that's my advice, Bio Girl house...spaghetti. You're welcome.

  2. Good luck! I also have a Type B personality, so I know exactly what you mean about the last minute work.