Friday, August 31, 2012


I found out yesterday afternoon that I am getting a new position at work. One that comes with a higher title and a higher pay grade. I also get to keep my schedule with my Wednesdays off, get to keep working on my Masters for free and get to keep all the great benefits that were the reason I came to work here in the first place. I will be leaving the soil testing lab and will now be working in a seed germination lab, growing all kinds of different plants that are sold to make sure they germinate correctly.  Be still my nerdy biology loving heart.

When I decided to leave my lab in the private industry and come to the University it was an extremely difficult decision. There were lots of reasons it was a good idea, like the reduced hours, the great location the free classes, the incredible amount of paid time off, the free insurance and the 401K(they match 200%.  I KNOW). But there were negatives too.  It's hard to get in at the University, so I had to take a position that was in a lot of ways a step down from the responsibilities I had at my old job.  With the reduced responsibility came reduced pay, which was not easy on our household budget.  So when they offered me the job a little over two years ago I thought about it, crunched numbers, thought about it, prayed about it, crunched the numbers again, and finally said 'lets take the chance'. Take the chance that within a few years I would get the promotion to the level I should be at.  Take the chance that I will be able to complete a Masters and add supplemental value to my lower salary.  Take a chance that I would be happier here than I was there.

And Yesterday the final piece fell into place.  I am getting my masters for free, I am happier here than I was there, and now I am making more money than the place that I left.  Not more money if you factor in the 401K or the fact that I work less hours, which was how I justified the other pay drop, but just more take home per check, period.  And I will be doing something I am more suited to do, something more in line with the work I did for five years in the private field. Work that I cannot wait to start.  Plus I will be in the same building with people I have come to know and love over the last two and a half years. I could not be happier. 

Today is a really, really good day.  And as Nick said, CHRISTMAS IS SAVED! I start in my new position on September 10th.  I can't wait!