Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Pictures

Thanks so much for all the great advice on the vaccines! I got comments, emails and phone calls with suggestions. I did call my OB, but they do not check for the titers. I have called the school system, but couldn't get ahold of anybody who knows. After being transferred three times I hung up and called my pediatrician back to check on progress. They said they were going on the 15th, so for me to call on the 16th (TODAY!) and they should be able to email them to me. Fingers crossed!

 Beyond that update, I don't have a lot to tell you. But it's been three entire days since my last post, so I figured you all were DYING to hear from me. Yes? No?? Whatever.

 Anyway, here are some random pictures from my phone that in no way string together a story. Enjoy!
This weekend we went down to UK's campus to let the kids run around. Have I told you we have started doing this? On the weekends the middle of campus is empty and there are no cars or roads, and lots of cool stuff to climb on. It's fun for them and fun for us. Plus I really like the idea of them growing up really knowing campus.

 I just have a thing with doors...
We are counting down the days to NFL kickoff! GO BENGALS!
Piano playing with Cici and Carter... nothing annoying about that sound coming out of that.  No sir.
I posted this one on Facebook yesterday. It was the first day of school around here, but luckily my sweet boy is still too little for that to mean anything. We spent our Wednesday sleeping in. It was great.
 After sleeping in, we eventually got up and moving and went to get someone a hair cut! I know I act like his hair cuts are BIG NEWS, but when I thought about it, it was the first one he has had in like five months. That is nearly a bi-annual event. So... IT IS BIG NEWS! Anyway, they cut off two inches and he looks great.

Okay, That's it. Not much of a post. But really, don't you mostly come here to see pictures anyway? I mean, look at how adorable he is!  I can't even blame you.

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