Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Yesterday Nick and I were cleaning the house and moving some stuff around when he mentions the China... it's a discussion we have had before.  He doesn't really see the point in our beautiful china dishes.

So he says:  "We really should just sell this.  I mean, it's been nearly SIX YEARS and you have never even used it!"

Which... just isn't even the point of China.  It's point is to BE BEAUTIFUL.  But he had a point.  We never really had EATEN on it.  So....
I set the table! (isn't it beautiful?)

Then I made a nice fancy dinner of Chicken Fricassee, which FINE, was already on the menu for dinner, but it was just so much FANCIER on the china!  And I made a salad so we got to use all FOUR plates (salad, dinner, desert and the coffee cup saucer).  And I used the fancy cups... and I WORE A DRESS!  Because the China deserves a dress.

I was about to be like, "I SHOWED HIM!  Don't you DARE threaten to sell my China!"  but then I realized he got a hell of a meal out of that threat... and a wife in a dress. 

Well played, Nick.  Well played.



  1. YAY Nick. And I'm with him - sell if you're not using :)

    Although now you're going to use it, right?

  2. Beautiful things like that deserve to be used. Such a lovely way to add a bit of sparkle to your evening.