Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Connection Corner

So, once again I am adding things to my blog that I have seen on other blogs that make me jealous. I mean, not CRAZY jealous, since it takes me about three years to break down and GET these things, but jealous none the less. 

What am I talking about?  I* have finally set up social media connection icons on my sidebar!  And not just any icons, but little adorable flask icons!  Because I am BIO GIRL, and I work in a lab, and I feel that flasks are kinda my THING.  Don't disagree with me here.  I own them.

Anyway, I would tell you to come on over to the blog and see the connection corner (top right, if you are here), which you should really do, but since I know some of you won't and I want you to see the flasks, AND I want you to click on the links, I am also putting them in this post! Want to know where to find me, follow me, chat with me, look at my pictures, watch my videos, or see what I think is adorable?  Here are the links to where I am online!

Bio Girl's Facebook page:

This is another one of those things I have been wanting to do for ages, but for some reason never actually got around to doing.  Then I did it, and it was so insanely easy! Why didn't I do this YEARS ago??  If you are on Facebook (I know you ALL are!) please take a second to click on the FB beaker and click like on the Bio Girl page!  When I post new content on the page it will show up in your timeline, which will be fun for all of us, right??  ( I promise to not overwhelm you with posts.  One per post, so 3-4 per week!)
Are you on twitter?  Me too!  I mean... not as much as I used to be, but I still manage to jump on most days. I would love it if you followed along!

All my pictures.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If you are on Flickr, you can come be my friend.  If you aren't on flickr, you can still click over and see the millions of pictures I take.

You Tube:
This one doesn't have much going on just yet, but I am going to upload all of our videos to my YouTube account instead of Vimeo.  Want to watch Henry's birthday montages or our family vacation videos?  They can be seen here!  (What? Nobody wants to do that but my mom and Nick's mom?  That's fair.  This  link is for them.)

Coming Soon!

RSS Feed.  This beaker is coming, but you can click now and go ahead and follow along in any Reader you like.

Not Available in Beaker Form, but might get added anyway:

I am occasionally on Pinterest, but alas, there was no breaker made for it.  Still, feel free to follow me there if you want! 

Oh, and Good Reads!  No beaker for it either, but I am pretty good at keeping my book list current, so if you are a reader, follow me there too!

Okay, I think that's it.  Lots of places to find me online.  Maybe too many... it's kinda embarassing.  But it is what it is!  So lets connect!

*By I I mean the amazing and tallented Suzy, who made these for me.  She's the best!



  1. I love the beakers! I'm following you on Twitter, and I'll add you to my Facebook likes.

  2. I think the beakers are awesome! I will add you to my likes!