Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Video Archives

I am having a little blogging guilt. I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe it's that I am talking a little more about me and a little less about Henry these days. Or that it isn't feeling as much like a mommy blog or an infertility blog, and I am just worried you all aren't that interested in a "this is our life" blog. Maybe it's that I haven't written a nice funny post in a bit... I am not against them, but a funny thing has to happen for me to be able to write about it. I will keep my eyes open for some light hearted blogging material that I will bring to you soon!

Alas, this is not that light hearted blogging material.  This is a  boring old post that will almost be like a rerun of previous posts.  Aren't you excited?  BUT WAIT! Please don't unfollow me!  It's a rerun WITH VIDEOS!  And who doesn't like videos?  I loaded Henry's birthday videos to You Tube.  They have been on vimeo, but those can't be viewed on mobile devices, so I made the jump.  Turn out, You Tube is awesome.  And I know a lot of you read my blog on your phones or tablets or whatever fancy thing you have, so I wanted to share the new links to the videos with you so in case you missed them, you can see my child as he grows over the years. And (maybe a little more of the REAL reason) is that I wanted to put them all together for my mom so she can easily show my grandparents on her iphone. So I am kinda using you all to make my mom and grandparents happy. 

That's okay, right? You don't mind? Watching Henry's videos sounds awesome??  That's EXACTLY how you wanted to spend your afternoon?  That's what I thought!  So, I give you the last three years of Henry. Now you can watch him grown while on the go...  You are welcome.

Henry's 1st Year:

Henry's 2nd Year:

Henry's 3rd Year



  1. Yay! I rarely get time on the laptop these days so am on my phone a lot. So this kind of post makes me happy, very happy! I have been having blogging guilt myself as I am so behind and have missed so much. Can you do a recap post ofthe past two months for me? Pretty please? xx

  2. You're not boring at all!! Xoxo