Friday, August 17, 2012

The Battle Continues

So I finally thought I had this entire vaccine thing worked out. I got a call from my current doctor, and after searching the bat cave they declared that they do not possess my vaccination records, which... for the record, I feel like is a problem. But whatever. It doesn't matter! Because I heard back from my pediatrician the same day and, low and behold, they FOUND THEM! They emailed me a copy and I was good to go.

Now, when I called the student clinic to start this entire mess they told me once I had my forms I could just fax them over and they would send me my official "all clear" paperwork so I could start my field practicum hours. So I call once I have it all together and the woman was rather snippy with me.

"I don't know WHO you talked to, but you can't just FAX it! You have to come in!"

"But I don't need anything but some paperwork... I need to come in and watch you fill out paperwork?"



So I decided I would run by after my new student orientation today. Which, let me tell you, was IMPRESSIVE.  I mean... mainly just the food, the rest was nice and informative, but the LUNCH, now it was impressive. You all, I ate at this same place at my New Employee Orientation a couple years ago, and today it became clear that the students get the good stuff. Like, this was a top quality meal that easily could have been served at a nice wedding.  Not that I am complaining. The students are paying the bills around here and everything, might as well make it nice for them. (I mean... the other students are paying the bills. I am going for free since I work here. So... I can just think of my excellent lunch as a work bonus.)

ANYWAY, after orientation I had to walk to the student center to get a student ID because the lovely nurse on the phone also informed me that "You can't be a student without a student ID", then I walked all the way to the clinic and signed in, only to wait half an hour for my appointment to watch them fill out paperwork. Finally, FINALLY I am called back and I hand her my forms and she starts to fill them in, only to ask "Where is your 2nd TB test?" To which I look at her with a confused and sorta broken hearted expression.

  "I need two?? I just had it last week"

"Oh yeah, you gotta have two. Want me to give it to you?"

"Can I still get the form today?"

"HAHAHAHAHA..... Oh no, you will have to come back for that sweetie. This has to be read on Monday. But we are REALLY busy on Monday. Be prepared to wait."


So... I have my records but lacked a TB skin test, even though I HAD ONE LAST WEEK.  So I got it AGAIN and will go back AGAIN and then, THEN I will finally be ready to start my practicum. This all seems like a lot of hoops to jump through, but now I can save you if your heart stops, I have proof that I am fully vaccinated, I had DOUBLY sure I don't have TB, and I had an excellent lunch. There are some benefits to the program....



  1. Ah, don't you love bureaucracy! Glad you had a good lunch though. ;-)

  2. Huh? Two TB tests? That is ridiculous!