Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actually Missing the Wait

Had I not had that stupid high estrogen level (or maybe had I been remotely normal at all...) this blog would have been full of updates on hormone levels and injection schedules over the past two weeks. You would have heard about the egg retrieval numbers, fertilization numbers, frozen numbers, implanted numbers....lots and lots of numbers. I would have had days of bed rest and days full of worry. I would officially be in the two week wait of our IVF cycle.

The dreaded two week wait, which every single infertile hates...and I am sad I am not in it. It's sick really. The thing is, the one thing an infertile gal hates more than a two week wait, is the feeling that there is no reason to wait...no reason to hope this time....just two more weeks of nothing. As painful as the waiting is, especially since it usually (always so far) comes up negative, you still get to hope. to plan. to really believe this might be it...so here we sit, with our daily Lupron injections, just waiting to start waiting again. I go in a week from Friday for the first ultrasound and blood work-up for the September cycle. Let's hope it comes back telling us we are allowed to hope while we wait this month...


  1. I hope you get the green light for a September cycle!

  2. I didn't have a high estrogen level BEFORE we started and I was on Lupron, but 3 days into the stimulation meds (Gonal in my case) I had hyperstimulation and the first hint of OHSS is a high estrogen level. My doctor decided to do the egg retrieval and now we have frozen embryos, but I am on bedrest and physically miserable because of OHSS. Your doctor did you a favor even though it may not feel like he did. I would definitely have preferred a fresh embryo transfer and now I'll have to do a frozen transfer :-(. Hopefully September will be your month!!

  3. :( I wish I could hug you.

    Instead, I gave you bloggy love at my blog. Is that as good as a hug?

  4. Waiting is weird, no? Even though the clinic trips are a pain, I kind of miss them! Here's to September.

  5. Thinking of you. Good luck in September.